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Re: please fix LX · on 9/3/2010 4:37:04 AM 3012
>>I mean, I guess maybe the 60% IS the penalty in the new system...

>> It is.

Not necessarily. It is the example I used to illustrate the concept, but that came with the disclaimer that the numbers were just that; examples. But yes, it'll probably be somewhere in that general area, subject to playtesting and tweaking.

>>(which sounds like a bonus compared to current system)

>> It is.


There does seem to be a bit of confusion about crossbows still. Yes, one of the main advantages for using crossbows (and, strictly speaking, slings) is going away in that they can be used with shields -- ie two defenses. Yes, with the new defense model everyone will be using 1.8ish defenses in similar situations. Not quite as good, but it does appear to neutralize some of the advantage of crossbows.


Crossbows and slings will still be completely usable with shields. Bows will also be usable with shield, but both the bow and the shield will be impacted by shield hindrance when this is attempted, as will almost all other two-handed weapons, although ranged two-handers will have the worst of it.

In other words, crossbows will still be the better choice for someone who plans to rely heavily on shields. It will be better both offensively and defensively, everything else being equal.

- GM Dartenian

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