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Passing Through · on 1/16/2003 8:57:17 PM 23
I have a couple of items of note which needed addressed to the guild (one guild specific and the other of primary interest to Paladins).

The changes to bring Lead within the global caps have been made. While the bonuses were decreased (as foretold), there were also some additional bonuses added to other skills. I'm sure folks will be upset with the Lead changes (even though there has been months of forewarning). Take some time to use it and figure out the new, additional bonuses before ranting too much.

The next will take a bit to explain within the NDA (but I feel its worth it and is good news, so will do my best.. I won't be answering questions on it so will try to be thorough). There has long been player contention that being in a MO situation will help keep evasion from impacting one's mindstate. I can confirm that (even though it wasn't intentional, it is real and will remain as its kinda a cool feature). In now understanding exactly how all that works (and why), I was able to make a few adjustments to allow some more alternatives as well (since a MO situation isn't always possible or practical). Now, learning parry or shield will also help keep evasion from affecting one's mindstate (the change has already been made). Therefore, to be clear, gaining parry or shield (or MO) exp from an given attack will help keep evasion from impacting one's mindstate. The mentioned skills can still (and will) impact mindstate, of course, (as will evasion if not gaining exp from the other skills in a given attack) so will all need to be watched if they are being learned and push into the higher ranges of filling their indivdiual pools.

GM Damissak

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