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Paladin Priority List Meeting · on 01/04/2012 10:48 PM CST 951
Below is a the meeting, only really the talks, so if anything was important in other areas, well won't have gotten on here.

Look Absinal:
You see GameMaster Absinal, a S'Kra Mur Paladin.
Absinal has slitted eyes, one clear colored and the other crystal green, camouflage scales and a slender tail.
He has transcended time.
He is in good shape.

He is holding a speaker's staff in his right hand.
He is wearing a custom-made monocle, a pair of very thick leather goggles, a deep maroon tie with a windsor knot, a solid black wool single-breasted sports jacket , a button-down long sleeve shirt, a black leather belt, a conservative platinum tailband, a pair of solid black wool trousers, a pair of black dress socks and a pair of simple black dress shoes.

Look Wilidore:
You see GameMaster Wilidore Hippyfoot, a Halfling.
He has a proud yet hardened warrior's face with a chiseled jawline and deep smile lines around his eyelids, slightly pointed ears, hopelessly expressive viridian eyes and a small, freckled nose. His silver streaked mouse brown hair is long and straight, and worn tightly pulled back into a ponytail. Thick mops of curly hair grow wildly from the tops his large feet. He has fair skin and a pot-bellied build.
The years hang heavily on him, but his eyes reflect an undying strength and youthful energy.
He is in good shape.

He is wearing a tall wide-brimmed hat crafted from pristine white sealskin, some tiny glaes-rimmed spectacles with darkly tinted lenses, a pure white sealskin mantle with a short cape lined in pristine white wool, a banded acanth quarterstaff, a polished steel wall shield accented with glaes rivets, some small white sealskin mittens and a wide glaes toe-ring.

Look Jhustis
You notice an odd, almost godly aura about Jhustis.

You see GameMaster Jhustis, Divine Slaughtermaster of the Realms, a Human Paladin.
Jhustis has crystal blue eyes. Her golden hair is very long and curly, and is worn pulled back by thin strands of platinum chain and allowed to flow over the shoulders. She has deeply tanned skin.
She has transcended time.
She is in good shape.

She is wearing a glaes visored helm crested with trailing black horsehair, a knight's chain set with a central soulstone, a toy hafwa, a diamond-encrusted animite badge that reads "OMGSTFU!", an awesome jhustisilk pack, a malevolent thunder cloud that hangs overhead, a regal gold-banded raven, a polished leather morawen with a Paladin slaughtersword and a T'Kashi chain blade secured to it, a worked leather staff harness adorned with the teeth of assistees, a frickin' awesome backpack of silvery awesomesilk, a bad-ass suit of polished glaes armor acid-etched with the scales of justice upon the chestpiece, a Captain's ring, a wide damite band inset with an golden intaglio Ironstar diamond, a golden ring engraved with the viper of Ushnish, a deep ebony raven ring inset with golden eyes, a thin chainmail belt set with glistening dragon's blood crystals that spell out the words "Poetic Jhustis", some binding rope, a black leather bota covered with golden mystical symbols, some binding rope, a thick leather thigh pouch and some knee-high black leather boots with pearl inlaid heels.

And I had to censor one thing, due to it being a Secret Paladin item.

Absinal says, "Ok, I only got a few (serious) questions."
Absinal says, "Via the MEETING verb."
Absinal asks, "Though my favorite non-serious one was: "How many licks DOES it take to get to the tinny can center of a Paladin pop?"
[Censored] Absinal says, "The first question was:."
Absinal asks, ""Right now it doesn't feel like there is really something that sets Paladins apart from Clerics, in fact many things a Paladin can do it seems a Cleric can come close to doing thanks to their spells. When I was trying to decide between the two I kept picking Cleric because I felt like I got almost all the positives plus more. I finally decided to try Paladin and am loving it, but I see a lack of something that sets us apart beyond PLATE ARMOR and LARGE SHIELD. Do you have any plans to provide that guild identity?"
Absinal says, "I do have some plans in my mind for ways to differentiate the Paladin Guild, but I'm not even close to being ready to talk about any of it."
Absinal says, "I know that is not what you want to hear right now, but that is all I can give at the moment."
Absinal says, "Question 2:."
Absinal asks, "Are the Paladins going to be part of the Justice System? If so will the tools be available to deport individuals?"
Absinal says, "I do like this idea a lot, but I can't make any promises until I dig further into that system."
Absinal says, "Question 3:."
Absinal says, "A year or so ago, Solomon had mentioned fleshing out more titles for Paladins, and even asked for feedback on the boards. Is there a plan to expand on these? Particularly, it seems there's not much available for the 100th-125th circle range."
Absinal says, "I want to get you guys some more titles, and it is on my list. When I'm closer to ready to do this, I may hold a contest or some such to let you all have the chance to contribute."
Absinal says, "Ok."
Absinal says, "That was all the questions I got from the MEETING verb."
Absinal says, "Before we start question and answer, I wanted to reitterate that I'd like this meeting to be more about what you, as the players, want to see from the guild. Is this fixing major bugs? Adding new stuff? Titles? Whatever it is that you all want to see."
Adongonif says, "First, I've heard much about the Faiths system proposed for Clerics, was wondering if we'd get something similar as the other holy guild.."
Adongonif says, "And second, thank you for this meeting, and i'd like to see stuff <events paladinlike> happening over platside too."
Absinal says, "Its possible, but it won't be right away for sure."
Adongonif says, "For younger circles as well as the high up folks."
Absinal says, "I don't have any plans in the works for that right this minute, but it is something that is on my list of things to look into! And no problem, I'll be trying to get these meetings done every few months at the least."
Absinal says, "The plat side events....we'll work on getting more over there."
Adongonif says, "Thats it for me."
Absinal exclaims, "Thanks for the questions!"
Ederick asks, "One thing about faiths wasn't that something that was being worked on for us years ago?"
Ederick says, "My main question though is about the crafting system."
Ederick says, "And if its possible we can get any paladin specific patterns for it."
Ederick says, "Would be nice to have paladin specfic plat eand shields."
Absinal says, "Faiths - That is possible, but I'm not positive. I'd have to dig further and see where that stands."
Absinal says, "I like the idea of paladin specific crafting, so let me talk to the people in charge of that and see what we can come up with."
Ederick says, "Thought ellsdragon proposed that many years back, thought it was being worked on too."
Absinal says, "Like I said, its possible. I haven't looked at it. Mainly because of health issues over the last two months and trying to get you guys ready for the new magic system. So I'll have to look into it."
Absinal says, "But its on my list now."
Absinal asks, "Anything else?"
Ederick says, "Thats all."
You ask, "A short while ago, someone brought up this what is your character's alignment on the DR-forums, and somehow it was brought up about a fae paladin-like being, along this lines what would a fae paladin be, would it be a paladin, or something else. I don't want to throw a curve ball, but its something I just thought was interested, and as you're the Paladin GM (I don't know if its advocate or what is the noun for that now) so to speak, you have a feel for that?"
You ask, "And then I thought this was going to come up already but the big Oane, and multiple guild Paladin event, is this forthcoming?"
Absinal says, "Ok, so about the fae paladin thing. I don't have any additional info right now about that. That would have been a good use for the MEETING verb, so I could have done a bit of research about it. I'll have something for you by the next meeting (which won't be 7 years down the road ;))."
You say, "Sorry about that, just thought I should ask it yesterday."
Absinal says, "My official GMly word on Oane is...soon."
You say, "Nooo...."
You say, "Not sooon..."
You say, "Anything but soon."
You say, "I should never have asked."
You say, "I've succumbed to bad question asking."
You say, "I may die."
Absinal says, "I'm working on it. Its not my event originally so I'm getting everything worked out. Its going to take me a bit, but it will get done, and it won't be years down the road."
You say, "Ohh."
You say, "Maybe I didn't curse the event then."
Absinal asks, "Is that better than soon?"
Absinal asks, "Ok, anything else?"
You ask, "You promise me, not soon?"
Absinal says, "I promise I'm working on it."
You say, "I think then I have not let my fellow Paladin's down, and my turn is over."
Wilidore says to Absinal, "Thought I was going to have to fend off angry paladins for a moment."
Absinal exclaims, "Thanks for the questions!"
Madarina says, "Greetings."
Absinal exclaims, "Hi!"
Madarina says, "For years paladins warhorses have been extreamly buggy."
Madarina asks, "Any chance those have been ironed out?"
Absinal says, "If they were buggy before, they are likely still buggy now. I haven't touched the horses."
Madarina asks, "Any chance in the future of them being looked at and maybe cleaned up?"
Absinal says, "Its not high up on the priority list right this minute, but I'll add it and make sure it gets looked into. You could also help me out and send me a list of the things that are actually buggy with them so I have that when the time comes."
Madarina says, "Aloto f it has to do with the combat."
Madarina says, "Also any chance of more quests for paladins after 50th?....after holy weapon theres nothing and not much more to strive for."
Absinal says, "I'm aware of that, and that is on my list of things as well (this is becoming a very long list!)."
Madarina says, "My thanks and thank you for letting me speak."
Absinal says, "So in the future, I'd like to add some higher level quests for you all, but no promises right now."
Absinal exclaims, "Thanks for the questions!"
Jerid says, "Hello, I have some pretty old things I want to bring up."
Jerid asks, "Firstly, what are the future plans for holy weapons? Also for holy icons?"
Jerid says, "There was supposed to be made a way for all paladins to obtain icons."
Jerid says, "Which make their holy weapons slightly less useless."
Jerid says, "Also, there was a contest years ago, which many people won icons, but never received them."
Absinal says, "I have ideas for holy weapons and icons, but I'm nto ready to talk about them yet."
Jerid asks, "That contest was designing the new theren guildhall, which brings me to... where is the new theren guildhall?"
Jerid asks, "We were led to beleive the icon quest was already almost done, is all of that lost?"
Absinal says, "I remember someone mentioning that. I will be digging into it and finding those people and we'll see what we can do."
Jerid asks, "Likewise, the guildhall, was done, is that lost?"
Absinal says, "Mist likely not lost, just not found yet."
Jerid says, "Heh, okay."
Jerid says, "I still beleive the holy weapon has huge potential to be a defining thing for our guild."
Absinal says, "I agree totally."
Jerid says, "But its just been skipped over for so long now, we are close to a decade now."
Absinal says, "But the ideas I have aren't ready to be talked about yet. Why don't you tell me how you think it could define the guild."
Jerid says, "Well, everyone being able to recharge them is one way, ie icons."
Jerid says, "Those charges lasting long enough for a real hunting session."
Jerid says, "And for non icon holders, recharge spots in all provinces."
Jerid says, "Theren not havin ga recharge spot is just insanely silly after all these years."
Jerid exclaims, "Kresh has one and there isnt even undead there!"
Jerid says, "Adding abilities, or feats, specific to a holy weapon as well is an easy thing to consider."
Absinal says, "The recharge spot is noted on my list now."
Jerid asks, "We have smite for instance, how about a couple combat 3 attack verbs that ONLY can be used with holy weapons?"
Absinal exclaims, "Thats not something that would come out with combat 3, but its a fun idea!"
Jerid says, "Many things have been discussed over the years, I really would like to see you open a discussion on the forums for holy weapon suggestions and start the conversation afresh."
Absinal says, "That we can do."
Jerid says, "But first things first, icons and recharging for the masses is the first step to making holy weapons useable."
Absinal says, "Since we are talking about these old issues."
Jerid says, "Thats all I have, thank you."
Absinal says, "I'd like to remind you all that all of these outstanding issues kind of fell in my lap, and I am digging into everything and prioritizing them. So while you all have been dealing with these issues for (up to) a decade, I've got a huge pile that I'm digging through. This meeting is to help figure out what gets prioritized, to some extent."
Absinal exclaims, "So thanks for bringing them up!"
Absinal says, "And I'm digging into them."
Kattena says, "Thanks for taking the time to meet with us and hear us out."
Absinal exclaims, "No problem at all!"
Absinal says, "Its sort of what i'm here for."
Kattena says, "Just a couple of quick things. First, just to add to what Jerid said, I think it would make a lot of sense for use to be able to perceive the number of strikes left on our holy weapons."
Kattena says, "I can see it on a cleric blessed sword, I would think I could see it on my own holy weapon."
Absinal says, "Its on the list, for sure."
Kattena says, "The only other thing I had was a request to possibly publish the requirements for more of the paladin titles that do exist. I love working toward titles, when I know what I need to work for."
Absinal says, "Typically titles are PAFO, but I'll see what I can do. No promises."
Absinal asks, "Anything else?"
Kattena says, "Understandable, the only downside being once you get them, you rarely know why."
Kattena says, "No, that was it, thank you."
Absinal exclaims, "Thanks for the questions!"
Domenicia says, "Greetings."
Absinal exclaims, "Hi!"
Domenicia asks, "I have a few questions. First one is are our req's going to change once x.3 rolls out? If so, do you have any idea on what they might be?"
Absinal says, "I believe they will change slightly, but that was actually decided before I took on this role. I'll dig into it and try and get a post up soon about any changes, if I can."
Domenicia asks, "Last one is there is a post of the spells once x.3 rolls out. Is that the final list or will that change?"
Absinal says, "The list I posted is the final list right now. I want to get you guys WORKING for magic 3.0 with the spells that have been released. From that point, we can look at them individually and tweak/add as needed."
Domenicia says, "Thank ye."
Domenicia says, "That's all I had."
Absinal exclaims, "Thanks for the questions!"
Hervean says, "Good evening. Most of what I wanted to ask was already covered with the holy weapons, adding in extra charging locations. Possibly having the ability to craft our own through the 3.0 system, with a combination of forging/carving and enchanting? Or a quest as otherwise mentioned to obtain one. As thoughts passed it had occured to me a temporary measure might be to increase the charge amount per cooldown, or decress the cooldown on the loations to charge more frequently."
Hervean says, "Pardon my spelling, a tad late here."
Absinal exclaims, "That is one option, but again, I'm not going to go into that more right now, sorry!"
Hervean asks, "No worries, had to try to fish heh. My second would be the mechanics of smite itself. As it is a holy litany, any chance to have this cause some sort of damage to undead? Perhaps at the expense of more from our pool?"
Absinal says, "Thats a cool idea. While it isn't going on my to-do list, it'll go on my "spell ideas" list."
Hervean asks, "I know it is easy enough to brawl with undead now, but as I read our "holy hands" will be going away soon?"
Absinal says, "One sec."
Absinal says, "I can't say much right now about how combat is going to turn out. Its tied up in development at the moment, and its not really my project, so I don't want to comment on it yet."
Absinal says, "That includes brawling and "holy hands."
Hervean says, "Understandable. Then I just want to say thank you for taking on this task, and taking the time to answer questions."
Absinal exclaims, "Not a problem!"
Absinal asks, "That all your questions?"
Hervean says, "For the moment."
Absinal exclaims, "Ok, next!"
Ederick asks, "Couple things I thought about while being here, there was a protect, i think it was supposed to be our 100th circle ability and i believe it was completely finished might have been named protect fortify. The sentry's in the guild hall know about it but don't teach it. Any update on that?"
Ederick says, "Pretty sure Ssra finished coding it and such."
Ederick says, "Might have even been qc'd just didn't get turned on."
Absinal says, "No update as of right now. I'll dig into it and let you all know where it stands at a later time."
Ederick says, "As a holy weapon suggestion."
Ederick says, "One of the original thoughts on those is that they'd grow with the paladin."
Ederick says, "For some of the new higher level quests, how about quests that cause the weapon to further increase in potency."
Absinal says, "That is a definite possibility."
Ederick says, "I'd also like the concept of holy weapon to be expanded to armor and shields."
Ederick says, "Such as a holy shield that gives a bit of protection from death from above spells and such."
Ederick says, "Or armor that is better at repelling magics."
Absinal exclaims, "Also a very good idea!"
Ederick says, "The dfa thing would be fantastic."
Ederick says, "My last thing that i thought about was circle reqs."
Ederick says, "You said they were done ebfore you stepped in."
Ederick says, "They seem to be quite easy at the moment, especailly on the armor requirements."
Ederick says, "Armor and lore really."
Ederick says, "I'd suggest a hard shield req and an equally hard primary body armor req."
Jhustis says, "I'm in."
Absinal asks, "Did someone just ask for HARDER circle reqs?"
Ederick says, "I did."
Ederick says, "I think some people here would agree."
Ederick says, "Though some probably hate me for saying it."
Absinal says, "Noted, but I'm still not saying anythign."
Absinal asks, "Ok, anything else?"
Ederick says, "Thats all from me for now."
Absinal exclaims, "Thanks for the questions!"
Semgrey says, "Hello there, just a few things, suggestions or what have you."
Semgrey says, "I too wanted to address the 100th circle ability."
Semgrey says, "I was told of the blessing of Eylhaar by the sentry."
Semgrey says, "And of protect fortify."
Semgrey says, "Now..."
Semgrey says, "I can certainly see how invulnerability was never quite released."
Semgrey says, "But...."
Semgrey says, "Perhaps if it were to be... at least helpful against a blow that would do more than say... 40% damage in a single blow... or a death from above attack."
Semgrey says, "Also."
Semgrey says, "Have always thought to help the holy weapon..."
Semgrey says, "To have a glyph that sacrifices a favor to recharge."
Semgrey says, "Avoid the icon... last thing I need is another thing to carry."
Jhustis says, "Interesting."
Semgrey says, "If in 3.0."
Semgrey says, "We are losing are blessed fists..."
Semgrey says, "Then I would like to see that in a glyph as well."
Semgrey says, "Or as a spell."
Semgrey says, "Though I think that would be silly."
Semgrey says, "Um."
Semgrey says, "As far as RP."
Semgrey says, "Have a major issue with the 'hounds of rutilor."
Absinal says, "Those ideas are noted in my notes."
Semgrey says, "They are murderous dogs."
Semgrey says, "They attack and kill innocents while the necro accuser laughs his way out of town."
Semgrey says, "That is botolf's work."
Semgrey says, "And while we might decide to follow a code."
Semgrey says, "We are to follow steps to rid our society of injustice."
Semgrey says, "I see the need for the system created."
Semgrey says, "But the hounds dont work."
Semgrey says, "I want a war against the hounds."
Semgrey says, "An let somethin replace them."
Semgrey says, "Hrm."
Absinal says, "The hounds aren't likely to go anywhere anytime soon."
Semgrey says, "Well... I hate to say it... but rp wise... it was shortsighted."
Semgrey says, "It happens."
Semgrey says, "I'd like ta see somethin too of course."
Semgrey says, "With mounts."
Semgrey says, "I dont think anything crazy."
Absinal says, "I'm not sure I agree, but I have a bit more information than you on that one. So I'll just say that the information I have may come out at a later date."
Semgrey says, "But perhaps access to racial mounts would be nice."
Semgrey asks, "So we could... say perhaps one day... call our own racial steed... already exists for every race, right?"
Absinal says, "Mounts in general don't fall under my umbrella, but as I said before I'll be able to take a look at the warhorse combat bugs sometime later."
Semgrey says, "All good... I think that might be all I have for now."
Semgrey says, "Thank you."
Absinal exclaims, "Thanks for the questions!"
Isharon says, "I have four questions/suggestions. First, on the topic of holy weapons: Is it likely that the penalty for allowing your holy weapon to run out of charges will be removed? (Currently, if you allow the weapon to run out of charges, it has to be recharged twice before you can use it again. It takes five minutes to recharge the weapon, and there is a one-hour timer between rechargings. If you make the mistake of using the weapon between those two rechargings, you have to start over.)."
Isharon says, "This, combined with the scarcity of recharging locations, is an onerous system that discourages Paladins from using their holy weapons on a regular basis. In my opinion, holy weapons should only require one recharging before being fully usable. Holy weapons that have run out of charges would continue to function as standard weapons until they are recharged."
Absinal exclaims, "Very well though out question with explanations!"
Absinal says, "The answer is less so, unfortunatly. I'm not going to say, but I'll look into the idea."
Isharon says, "Also on the topic of holy weapons: I think that the holy weapon changing quest (which can be done once every 365 days) should not destroy the previous weapon. This would allow Paladins to use special weapons without worrying about losing them if they decide to change their holy weapons later."
Absinal says, "I've got that down on the list now."
Absinal says, "The idea list."
Isharon asks, "Third, what is the status of using two-handed weapons with arm-worn shields? Is a penalty still planned for that? If so, will it be to the weapon, the shield, or both?"
Isharon says, "I know that's not 100% a Paladin issue, but it's an issue that is near and dear to many of us."
Absinal says, "I totally get that the arm-worn shield thing is a big dal to most of you, but I can't answer that right now."
Absinal says, "Deal, even."
Isharon says, "Lastly, what is the status of Paladin guild registers/renown scrolls? Some suggestions for types of lists were posted on the forum."
Absinal says, "They will be in soon, no not simu-soon, and no I won't give an exact date, but they are in the works."
Isharon says, "That's it for my questions. Thanks for meeting with us."
Absinal says, "Alright guys."
Absinal says, "I know that there were a bunch of things I couldn't answer off the top of my head, and some answers you probably didn't want to hear."
Absinal says, "And things that I know, but just can't tell you."
Absinal says, "But this gave us a bit of face time, and gave me a chance to hear straight from you what is most important to you guys to get fixed."
Absinal says, "I'm going to be working as fast and hard as possible to get things done, but it still takes time."
Absinal says, "I'm not going anywhere, and I'll be working on stuff. I'll also be answering questions as often as possible on the forums."
Absinal says, "I'd like to be available to you guys to bounce ideas/problems/etc off of on the forums, and have some dialogue go on like it did (somewhat) tonight."
Absinal says, "Is there anything that anyone needs to say before we close? (you can whisper me)."
Absinal says, "In Dunshade Quest we could've had an Holy Weapon Icons for the end quest prize."
Absinal says, "Not a question, but....yes, there could have possibly been one. There wasn't, but that doesn't mean future quests won't have them."

This message was originally posted in The Paladins \ Paladin Events, by SHADOW7988 on the forums.