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Re: Outfits (was re: Cornmaze) · on 10/27/2016 06:32 PM CDT 8376
I spoke to the designer and asked these questions.

>>Do they work on F2P accounts?

For F2P folks, an outfit will still show the stored item appearances, but will not hide the other things you are wearing.

>>Does it conflict with other hiders?

Outfits hide everything you're wearing except what is in the outfit. You can still use the 'always show' mechanics to make a hidden item you're wearing visible again, though.

>>Does it share the same problems as the shadow cloak or the duskruin hiders?

They don't work at all like shadowsilk cloaks or the moonshard pendants. These do not hide or change your features in any way. If you mean some other sort of issue with those two items, please clarify so I can pass that on and get you an answer there as well.

>>Is it generally worn, or will I need to remove armor to wear it?

Outfits are generally worn, but you do need at least one item saved to the outfit in order to wear it. You can't wear an empty outfit!

Outfits also show your item appearances in the order that you stored them. You can make sure you store them in an order that you like by using TURN to select which of your spaces you save each item appearance to.


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