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old gweth · on 9/5/2010 12:53:49 AM 12856
Was reading on the new visions and remembered this little event that Sok passed on to me, he heard it when he was in Muspari. Not sure if it ever got posted or not, figured you all might be interested, not the biggest deal but a little bit more of history. If you don't know who Atheina is

I tracked Darius down... a long time later, seems like 2-3 years later, and relayed the information to him. Not sure if I logged it. Enjoy.

[Atheina] "Please, I beseech you.. I have little time; does anyone hear me?"
[Atheina] "They will find me... I haven't much time. I must get a message to Darius. "
[Atheina] "Please tell him.. tell him I cherish him in my heart. And though I go on ahead of him to the starry road, that he carries my heart.. forever. Please... "
[Atheina] "Please.. can anyone hear me? I beseech you...."
[Atheina] "Please.. tell Darius.. tell him I always knew. Please tell him I always knew."
[Atheina] "I pray to Chadatru that someone might hear this message before it is too late."

~Worrclan, Dwarf of the Realms-

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