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Re: oh Therengia · on 06/09/2011 04:43 PM CDT 2465
<<Just to clear something up, it sounded like you are saying if a Theren Guard sees a known necromancer at the bin in Lang, and asks them to leave the area they are banned from, the guard member is granting consent to the necromancer, as they have thorwn down the gauntlet as you say.>>

Well, think about it a bit...

Are they asking, or telling? There's a pretty big difference.

Does asking someone to leave mean the person being asked can unleash the fury on them? Probably not.

Does telling someone to leave imply the intention to back up that command with force? It's very likely.

This is why there's no "black and white" to the Consent Policy. There can't be. But there are some pretty obvious things that indicate a challenge is being made.

Acting in the role of a law enforcement official, you/your folks need to learn that they need to be nice until it's time to not be nice, but if there's the implication that force will be used to back up their "commands", it's very likely to result in action being taken and it will likely be deemed a "you're on your own, because you initiated it" sort of situation if it gets brought to us.

This message was originally posted in The Social Side of DragonRealms \ Conflicts - Strictly Out of Character, by SIMU-SOLOMON on the forums.