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Re: oh Therengia · on 06/09/2011 12:55 PM CDT 2445
<<This however falls apart when you consider Real World examples, which I am able to give you from my background in Retail.>>

No, it doesn't fall apart at all.

<<we have the option of asking that person politely but firmly to leave.>>

That's initiating conflict and could very well get you punched in the face. Consent has been granted because you present yourself as "a person of authority" and issue a challenge, however politely worded it may have been.

<<The drunk/ misbehaving person does NOT have the right to assault one of our store employees for asking them to leave.>>

The right? No. The impetus? Absolutely. You establish yourself as a target by butting in and throwing down the gauntlet. Your example breaks down because we are not talking about an always civilized, law-abiding society here. We're talking about a feudal, caste-based/class-based fantasy world where violence is inherent in the system.

If you want to be Guarded and avoid conflict, then avoid it by "quietly calling the police". If you want to present yourself as a rulemaker and say, "I think you need to leave.", then you are inviting reaction and response, which may or may not be limited to them saying, "What if I don't?" or "Make me.". It may be a knife in the forehead followed by, "I think you need to mind your own business."

This message was originally posted in The Social Side of DragonRealms \ Conflicts - Strictly Out of Character, by SIMU-SOLOMON on the forums.