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Re: oh Therengia · on 06/09/2011 12:31 AM CDT 2419
I think everyone needs to take a step back and try to gain a little perspective for a minute. You've all heard how "Team Good" views things, and you've all heard how "Team Bad" views things. Let me shed a little light on how "Team GM" views things?

"Team Good" has very valid reasons for trying to force "Team Bad" out of the province. They have been ordered to do so by their Baron, and have the full support of the province and the nobility behind them when they try to enforce those orders.

"Team Bad" has very valid reasons for trying to infiltrate the province. They're TEAM BAD! Thats what bad guys do!

Guys, its exhausting. You cant please everyone all the time. No scenario is going to play out exactly how either side wants things to go. It just wont happen.

ALL of you need to recognize that sometimes, its not the time or the place. A regular provincial event is not the best time for "Team Bad" to plant their faces into the thick of it. Understand: Its exhausting! Sometimes, these guys just want to run their event and have a fun night. Give 'em the night off once in a while.

On that same vein, "Team Good" should understand that "Team Bad" isnt obligated to check the calendar before they prepare their villanious pursuits.

"Team Bad" -- try to remember that these guys are backed up by an entire province, even if we dont have the mechanics to support that. Sometimes, you should step back and lie low and let the dust settle down. Give it a rest. Give people a breather. If you've popped into Theren 3 times today.. head south for a while.

"Team Good" -- try to remember that these people are trying to reach a goal. You may have to RP with them to uncover what the goal is. Its very frustrating for them to be met with a brick wall and may make them escalate their actions if they are not getting the sort of reaction they are hoping for.

"Team Everyone-in-between" -- Try to remember that the people around you are playing a game, just like you are! Everyone wants to have fun. Your idea of fun may not be the same as theirs, and if it isnt then find somewhere else to be or something else to do for a little while. Or, better yet, give it a chance! You may find that it is fun after all.

Everyone involved on all sides needs to be very aware of one fact. If you put yourself into the middle of these fights, you are bringing whatever comes your way on yourself. On either side of the battle, if you're going to get up in someone else's face, you'd better not be doing it from behind a closed PVP stance, else you may find you had a little help adjusting your stance to more accurately reflect your actions.

Further, dont expect to be able to report or assist and have a GM come down and deal with the situation because you wrote a check with your mouth that your butt decided it didnt want to cash after all if you've involved yourself in these antics in any way whatsoever and your stance is closed or guarded. We will not step in.

To be even more clear, so there is no confusion whatsoever, stop hiding behind Closed and Guarded and stop crying to us when you run your mouth and get your clock cleaned thinking Guarded/Closed is your security blanket. The very second that you initiate the "Get ye gone from here, foul knave!", you're granting consent on ye foul knave who can either reply, "Or else what?" or answer with "Take that, ye palsy-stricken varlet! What ho!" and begin to stab you profusely.

One final note: Respect each other, and always remember -- We're all playing a game.

This message was originally posted in The Social Side of DragonRealms \ Conflicts - Strictly Out of Character, by DR-LYNEYA on the forums.