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Re: Official Guardian Spirit Magic 3.0 Post · on 2/8/2011 7:43:12 PM 4686
>>If 400 TM = 400 OF/ 400 Def for the GS in the cyclic model, then that would definitely get my vote between the three.

I'm not sure off hand if we're going for a literally 1:1 conversion between TM and combat pet skill. So I'm only comfortable saying "if it's Cyclic, it'll be on par. If it's not, it'll be about 2/3rds that."

>>Any concensus on how long of a duration we could get out of our Avenger?

For non-Cyclic? Hadn't really thought about it. It's an exceptional spell, so it'd probably wind up Battle (a handful of minutes, but very quick to cast) or Ritual (around an hour, but extremely slow to cast). I'd lean toward it being a Battle spell as more faithful to the intention.

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