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Re: Obligatory skeleton request · on 07/11/2011 11:37 AM CDT 1018
I'm leaving 5 or 6 out, but this is the bulk of them. I'll ask Socharis to come monitor and take care of any that aren't working.
Shield Usage shield gem gem
Leather Armor skin skin gem
Light Chain chain chain gem
Heavy Chain chain chain metal gem
Light Plate plate plate gem
Heavy Plate plate plate metal gem
Cloth Armor cloth cloth gem
Bone Armor bone bone gem
Parry Ability wood wood gem
Multi Opponent shield shield LE weapon LB weapon
Light Edged LE weapon gem gem
Medium Edged LE weapon LE weapon gem
Heavy Edged LE weapon LE weapon LE weapon gem
Twohanded Edged LE weapon LE weapon LE weapon LE weapon
Light Blunt LB weapon gem gem
Medium Blunt LB weapon LB weapon gem
Heavy Blunt LB weapon LB weapon LB weapon gem
Twohanded Blunt LB weapon LB weapon LB weapon LB weapon
Slings skin skin rock rock
Staff Sling skin wood rock rock
Short Bow wood wood rope
Long Bow wood wood rope rope
Composite Bow wood wood wood rope
Light Crossbow wood wood LE weapon rope
Heavy Crossbow wood LE weapon LE weapon LB weapon
Short Staff wood wood LB weapon
Quarter Staff wood wood wood LB weapon
Pikes wood wood wood LE weapon
Halberds wood wood LE weapon LE weapon
Light Thrown LE weapon LE weapon
Heavy Thrown LE weapon LE weapon LE weapon
Brawling wood rock boots
Offhand Weapon LE weapon LB weapon
Primary Magic gem runestone paper
Harness Ability gem runestone pouch
Power Perceive gem runestone glass
Magical Devices runestone runestone ring
Targeted Magic runestone gem arrow
Evasion herb herb food drink
Climbing rope rope rope
Perception glass glass
Scouting paper herb dirt wood
Hiding cloak gem dagger
Lockpicking lockpick lockpick lockpick box
Disarm Traps dirt rock wood box
Stalking cloak dagger
Stealing gloves gloves dagger cloak
First Aid bandages bandages LE weapon
Foraging dirt rock wood grass
Escaping rope rope LE weapon LE weapon
Skinning skin skin LE weapon
Swimming fish fish fish fish
Scholarship charcoal ear stick
Mechanical Lore grass vine rock pestle
Music Theory strings ale stick
Appraisal glass glass glass
Teaching paper paper stylus stylus
Animal Lore skin skin grass
Percussions bone bone bone
Strings strings rope wood
Winds wood wood bpipe
Vocals drink drink drink drink
Empathy herb bracelet dust bunny herb
Astrology burin tusk must be a Moon Mage
Strength rock metal metal wood
Agility rope LE weapon grass
Discipline wood runestone sage
Discipline smooth blue crystal jagged blue shard jagged blue shard
Wisdom paper stylus rock rock
Wisdom smooth red crystal jagged red shard jagged red shard
Intelligence smooth black crystal jagged black shard jagged black shard
Reflex rope rope wood arrow
Charisma mirror gem hairbrush
Stamina rock rock wood dirt
Charm Creation high quality gem metal
Leather Gloves high quality skin high quality skin
Bundling Rope vine vine vine item
Torch stick stick cloth oil
Gem Pouch skin skin gem gem
Slim Lockpick metal closed box item
Ordinary Lockpick metal metal closed box item
Stout Lockpick metal metal metal closed box
Rinds skin napththa oil item
Hard Cider apple apple ale item
Lemonade water lemon lemon item
Apple Juice water apple apple item
Orange Juice water orange orange item
Casserole food food food water
Apple Pie apple apple bread bread
Cherry Pie cherry cherry bread bread
Meat Pie meat meat bread bread
Fish Pie fish fish bread bread
Chocolate Pie chocolate chocolate bread bread
Lemon Pie lemon lemon bread bread
Cream Pie milk milk bread bread
Almond Butter almond almond suager sugar
Almond Butter Sandwich almond butter bread item
Ritual Bread must be a cleric holy water bread item
Fire In The Face pepper drink
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