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re: new character manager · on 3/1/2011 11:49:22 AM 58342
<<Does the empath also have to be premie/plat in order to access the additional options? My empath is only on a basic account and I'm not seeing anything additional to what she has already had available.

To clarify:
The new feature wizard in the CM pulls from all the options in the SHIFT system. However, it only uses a subset of these features. Each subscription level then has access to a greater subset of those features.

As a made up example:
Say there are 35 different possible eye colors in the SHIFT system.
Regular subscribers can choose 15 of those colors
Premie subscribers can choose 20
Plat subscribers can choose 25 of those colors

That's just made up numbers, but that is how it works.

As a side note, Plat subscribers will only see their expanded options while in Plat. In Prime they will see the premie options.

GM Turmis

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