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New and rare at Hollow Eve - crafting fabrics edition! · on 11/03/2013 02:54 PM CST 2848
And now for the crafting system fabrics! While rare (and required for use in alterations), none of these are exclusive to the Hollow Eve festival, but they are being introduced here this year.

Arzumodine - Arzumodine is a type of farandine (see below) crafted from a woven blend of silk and special threads created from arzumos fur. The tilted box weave used to make farandine coupled with the strength and heat-resistance brought by the arzumos threads produces a distinctively patterned, strong, yet lightweight fabric that is very prized for creating clothing that allows the wearer to remain cool even in the hottest environments.

Common look: Arzumodine looks fairly identical to regular farandine, as the differences are more in wear than appearance.

Bourde - Bourde is a silk fabric created via a weaving technique that results in a distinct tone-on-tone striping of alternating matte and lustrous finishes. Making it distinct from just any striped silk weave, all true bourde is cured in a wash created from a mix of resins and plant materials which imparts the fabric with a supple, slightly stretchy property not found in most silks.

Common look: This supple, slightly stretchy silk is utterly smooth and displays an exceptional, sinuous drape. Alternating between a soft matte finish and a lustrous glossy sheen, the fabric bears distinct, wafer-thin striping.

Dergatine - Smooth, extremely soft twill fabric crafted from a specially treated blend of fibers from a group of ground-covering vines of the same name. The resulting fabric has velvet-like qualities but always has a very short pile, so should not be described as 'plush', but can be 'lush' as the thread count is very high. Dergatine has a matte finish and a high opacity that makes it ideal for blocking light.

Common look: Luxuriously smooth and soft, the dergatine's low, lush pile creates a muted, diffused effect to any light that plays across its surface, its absolute opacity preventing sight of anything swathed within its folds.

Farandine - Named after its creator, farandine is fabric crafted from a woven blend of silk and woolen threads. The tilted box weave used to make farandine produces a distinctively patterned, strong, yet lightweight fabric.

Common look: Subtle variations in color and lustre are worked into an intricate box-weave, causing the farandine to have a textured appearance that belies its smooth hand.

Jaspe - Named after the unique shaded and streaked effect for which the cloth is famed (its result is similar to the streaking found in jasper stones). Though produced through an intensive, combined process of weaving, curing and dying techniques, jaspe is in actuality nothing more than a type of cotton, albeit a very rare and highly prized one. Airy and semi-sheer, jaspe fabric is best suited for overlays or in delicate pieces of formal wear.

Common look: Shadowed and amorphous, opaque streaks cross this airy, semi-sheer fabric, providing contrast and depth to its coloration.

Khaddar - A blend of cotton and wool created from thunder ram shearings, khaddar is most notable for its slightly nubby texture as well as its warm, insulating properties. Khaddar is very well suited to making lightweight, durable winter wear, and has found its way even into formal clothing due to its fine ability to retain shape without stiffness.

Common look: Slightly nubby and having a fine hand, this lightweight fabric has a pebbled appearance that lends it a rugged, yet formal, quality.


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