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Re: New TDP Method · on 10/05/2012 12:38 PM CDT 3718
>>How could we, the players, have any clue what the intention is for a year from our decisions, a decade from our decisions.

It's actually rather easy - If you built your character based on the concepts represented by the race and class, you'll have a very good clue - Stamina WILL continue describing how you fare in situations where your constitution is in question. Any new stamina contests we add will absolutely fall along bounds of "how robust and healthy you are". If you consider the lore and spirit of the race/stats/guild when creating your character, you're well on your way to having a character where you have a rough idea of how he'll adapt to new developments (Assuming we continue to be consistent and work for balance in the game).

>>This is wrong. With the new paradigm for calculating TDPs, no respec is needed for this, or to refund tdps spent on spells/spell slots.

No respec needed to handle TDP calculations, for sure - However, depending on what your combined skills are at, you may gain or lose TDPs. I didn't want to stick a subset of people with a large negative number for TDPs without the ability to get a refund on some of their stats to make up for it. The respec is totally optional, and the only benefit you'd get from not taking it is to keep your stats where they are (which, for somebody with very negative TDPs, is beneficial because you've basically taken out an interest-free TDP loan).

>>So I guess then a respec is sort of just a bone they are throwing out there.

Basically, yeah. It's not required for anything to work right, it's just a way for y'all to have more control over one aspect of the conversion and new contests. Folks converted in the first two months are getting two respecs so that as knowledge grows about what's 'right' for you, you have a chance to re-do your stats again after your initial attempt.

>>It's been stated in previous forum posts from GMs and Simucon visits that the 2000 rank maximum is a limit of the engine in which DR uses. To change it beyond that point would require starting from the ground up.

Yeah this is basically true. 'ground up' is a misnomer, but it would require some hefty engine changes.

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