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Re: New TDP Method · on 10/04/2012 03:06 PM CDT 3618
>>Just change the scale of game content to match the new 'average rate of advancement

Oh good idea, I'll 'just' do that :-P.

>>Race changing stuff

I think people are expecting fundamentally wacky changes to go into place - Stamina being required for spellcasting, discipline improving combat, etc. The same basic principles are still mostly applying - The biggest changes are scale and returns, which is what the respec is for. Some stats, like stamina, are actually useful now, but the whole thing is balanced so that nobody is getting locked out of any segment. You might not be 100% optimized but our whole goal is to make/keep the game something where people can play any race/class combination and have a good time. We're not changing anything so drastic that a race will suddenly go from optimal to terrible.

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