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Re: New TDP Method · on 10/02/2012 07:15 PM CDT 3368
>>I didn't even think about this till I saw it, but now it makes sense. The Age of the Scholar hath arrived! Penalize the doers and bonus the teachers.

Scholarship and Teaching are the same skill, now, so it's less accurate. However, you're absolutely correct that having a small-class mentor to teach you as you focus on a skill will teach you better than doing twenty things at once. Imagine it in real life - Imagine focusing your mind on five things vs focusing on twenty things, and then look at the quality of those five things vs the others. It's a fairly reasonable idea.

>> I can look to gain between 0.50 and 0.65 ranks in each of those skills if I were to train for 8 hours straight. What kind of rank gain should I expect to see if I were to train those same 30 skills for 8 hours straight in the new system?

To be honest I'm not sure yet - Definitely smaller. Not 20% and not 80%? Somewhere within that range, which we'll tune as we go.

>>And to say this change is being done for the 99% of people who don't have skills in the 1000+ area is neither a fair nor accurate statement (unless maybe youre counting the active subs of people who no longer play but forget to cancel)

You're right, I should probably ask somebody with access to the data.

>>Instead of trying to penalize them for training hard at this game I'm sure they'd rather get some stuff that theyve actually been looking forward to for 15 years (ie. enchanting, crossbow engineering).

For the betterment of your career on the internet and relations with others, I encourage you to consider this mode of argument as utter nonsense. Especially since we're neither penalizing people for past training efforts nor are we trading a 15 minute code change for a system that would take several weeks to plan, write, and QC.

>>Are we going to start getting TDPs for circles 150-200 now? If stats are being opened up from 100-200 at 5x the TDP cost, going from 100 to 200 is going to cost over 100,000 tdps. Currently, if every skill was at 1750, we'd still have less than 500,000 total tdps, which isnt even close to enought for capping the stats. So even if circles were to allow TDPs after 150th, we wouldnt be able to cap all the skills. So can I make the argument, that you might as well allow it?

Absolutely possible, but not a sure thing. I want to see where the numbers balance first.

>>Yeah in addition to what you said, this proposition isn't specifically punishing HLC's, it's punishing everyone who trains a lot of skills at once. So, everyone who hunts. Whether 1st circle or 180th circle, they will all have penalties.

The nice thing is, you have a choice as to how many skills you train at once (to some degree). I'm not punishing anybody - Training a lot of skills at once means that all of your skills will drain somewhat slower, and training a small number of skills at once means that your skills will drain faster. You have control over this, and it absolutely should be a conscious choice as to how you want to train. It is no longer the case that it is optimal to train all skills at once. This is a fundamental change to the optimality of skill training.

Again, the ranges haven't been nailed down yet. If you've paid any attention to the X3/DR3 talks over the last two years, you'll be aware that transparency and feedback are core values of this whole effort. We're not out to screw you, and we're not out to burn everybody out of the game. Without you guys, there's no game to work on and nobody to play with. At some other time (After we release), I'll be happy to go into great detail about the deep-rooted problems being solved that aren't very apparent on the surface - There were some very deep systemic issues with the way the game has grown from one scaled from circles 1-20 into one that scales from 1-150 and beyond.

DR3 is hard. It's a huge change, and maybe the biggest change the game has ever experienced. As the project has progressed, it's become clear that the fundamental goal of DR3 is to lay the groundwork for great things. It's NOT a fantastic new thing in and of itself, and it's not trying to be. It's a framework, a foundation, and an ecosystem built with today's game in mind, not last year's or last decade's. If we're going to be able to tackle the kinds of projects that give us the opportunity to keep this game awesome, we need this better footing because the one we've been standing on thus far is sixteen years old.

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