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Re: New TDP Method (Racial Redo) · on 10/04/2012 02:27 AM EDT 3586
>>all distributions will give you the same number of tdps (under the 200/ system, not the 125/400 system). If that's not what you're seeing, it indicates a bug somewhere in the calculations.

This is incorrect. TDPs aren't based on bits, but instead are based on the actual rank value. They're very different numbers :).

>>How does this differ from shifting in any way? Let's be real.

Um.... Because you're changing not only certain bits of a person, but their entire anatomy from the ground up. It's entirely different from shifting because shifting is supported in the lore, and magically changing your race isn't. I can see some arguments for changing race, but roleplay is not one of them.

Also, just to make sure this is clear (again) - Nobody will be changing race.

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