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re: [New Release] Racial Titles! · on 03/11/2015 08:17 PM CDT 6987
>>Another idea that came to me (and not necessarily considering it) but if Redeemed ends up being a real thing with the necromancer guild will Redeemed necromancers be eligible for the not a necromancer titles?

While I won't comment on any of the others, for the Rakash titles, I have no intention of allowing Redeemed Necromancers to have access to the ones that are restricted from Necromancers as a whole. The Rakash gods are not that forgiving.

>>One thing I'd like to mention is that while I get the death counter requirements on some thematically, I kind of feel like it encourages players who want to represent certain Gods to die and be raised multiple times just to get a title. I thought that the goal was to limit encouraging players "to do something no sane adventurer would do" to train or get things like titles.

For Intrepid at least, the entire point of the death requirement is that it reflects a certain level of recklessness that the title itself is encompassing.

>>I am really excited with all the Rakash titles. Thank you for these!

Welcome! I'm glad you like them. I was really excited to work with Naohhi when she started the project!

>>My concern is all the ones that require the last favor to be from Mrod, Coshivi, or Enelne since these cap at 5 favors and then you must get one of the traditional immortals for further favors which would (I believe) overwrite the last favor entry and make you lose your title. My Rakash cleric would love to have a Coshivi title, but has had to get the traditional favor orbs because 5 is so few to carry for being rezzable.

Right now, this is known and intended. The titles as-is were designed with that in mind, actually. I know this makes it pretty rare that anyone will have one of these titles, but ...

>>Could we maybe raise the number of Rakash favors that can be obtained (outside the scope of this project, I know, but still a suggestion)

... a change to the Rakash favor system is in fact in the early stages of development. Too early to talk much about it, but it is absolutely on the radar. Once it's released, the requirements for these titles will likely be revised to take the new system into account. Right now, I'm planning that the reqs won't be quite as punishingly hard as they are with the current favor set up, but will retain a bit of weight to them.

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