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New LTB: Unbonding Potions · on 1/5/2011 8:43:31 PM 401

Thanks to some nice work from Socharis and a hasty design from another secretive GM, we're happy to release a new LTB: an unbonding potion.

The potion itself is "a scintillant lazuline elixir" and is in the velvet-lined teak case on the shelf in the northern room of the bungalow within the Seacaves. It costs 400 points.

These potions will ONLY work on items bonded with bonding potions like those found in the Seacaves as LTBs. They will also only work for the person bonded to the weapon/shield/armor you're trying to unbond. Items with their own bonding mechanics cannot be unbonded with these. You do not need to be Premium to use these (unlike the bonding potions).

The elixir is currently released in Platinum. Prime/TF will follow later tonight or in the coming days as I'm able to monitor.

If you have questions or comments, please direct them to the Estate Holders of Elanthia, Response to GM Announcements topic.

ASGM Zadraes
Premium Liaison
ALAE GM (Platinum)
Logistics Lead

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