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Neighborhood Data · on 1/1/2010 4:29:07 PM 163

The following is a list of accumulated data for the housing areas in Therengia. All numbers are as close to accurate as possible as of this afternoon. Keep in mind I might have missed something here or there, but it could just be a typo rather than something forgotten. Also know that due to the ebb and flow of account cancellations, many of these neighborhoods will have openings within the next 30 days. So, if you're interested in living someplace that is listed as totally full, try looking around in the next month to see if something has become claimable. I will be posting a few calculations in the general Neighborhoods folder once I've finished posting in all of the individual province folders.


D - Doors
F - Freestanding
K - Knolls
T - Treehouses

LR - Lower Class Rural
LU - Lower Class Urban
MR - Middle Class Rural
MU - Middle Class Urban
UR - Upper Class Rural
UU - Upper Class Urban

LangenfirthDaelfa Seord'telgiFMRAll13738
LangenfirthMisc. StreetsTURAny066
Muspar'iPeri'el's RetreatFUUs'Kra Mur7512
North RoadDanduwen Forest, Beech GroveTURAll066
North RoadRiverbankFLRAll011
Northeast WildsPiedmontFMRAll12526
Northeast WildsWoodsFMRAll167
Pine WoodsColdspring ClearingFLR/MR/URAll11516
RiverhavenBarbarians' GuildDLUBarbarian9110
RiverhavenGwenalion ShoreFMR/URAll1910
RiverhavenHalfling QuarterFMUHalfling6410
RiverhavenMagnolia CornerFUUAll01111
RiverhavenMisc. StreetsFLU/MU/UUAll02626
RiverhavenNoble InnDUUAll044
RiverhavenPierless InnDMUAll213
RiverhavenThe RookeryFLUAll235
RiverhavenSaltfisher InnDLUAll033
RiverhavenSandcastle CoveFLR/MRAll538
RiverhavenWarrior Mage TowerDMUWarrior Mage516
Rossman's LandingGrassy CourtyardFMUAny066
Rossman's LandingRossgallen KeepFMUHuman4610
Throne CityMahkra AlleyFLUAll099
Throne CitySeord Sanusu HallDUUTezirite404
TherenboroughChanters' RetreatFMU/URAll72330
TherenboroughGaeleranendae CollegeDURAll055
TherenboroughMason's CircleFMU/UUAll41216
TherenboroughMisc. StreetsFLU/MU/UUAll103343
TherenboroughTherenborough InnDMUAll112
ZaulfungKweld GelvdaelDMR/URAll314
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