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Re: Necromancers and the Playing Environment · on 03/16/2015 10:00 AM CDT 10805
>>tl;dr: There are IC plotlines that result in anti-fun, so players will take OOC steps to avoid them.

I have a problem with this, too, actually.

There is an unfortunate tendency for people to invest their egos into their characters. Their characters become fantasy-extensions of themselves and any fault or failing that occurs to them is felt personally. When my character succeeds, I am elevated. When my character fails, I am hurt.

Doff that. Right now.

Among good roleplayers, a plot is a plot and dramatic interaction is its own reward. If the Order of the Girl Scouts learn to their horror that they'd been selling Necro-cookies all along that is an opportunity for plots and character development and scenes that they never had before, not some sort of indictment against the players involved.

I mean, let's take a more close to home example. I hope people understand Moon Mages are a group of ICly bad people that are on the road to well-deserved self-destruction, right? I don't think they're bad people OOCly for it, and I sure hope they're fun to play and roleplay despite the fact the guild, ICly, probably won't survive in the end.

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