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Re: Necro vs Nature · on 4/11/2011 4:55:51 PM 763
>>I've actually been curious about this for a while . By "Life" do Necromancers have the capacity to modify nature itself beyond their own physical selves?

Yes, though not easily and not healthily.

It is totally possible that a Necromancer might tamper with, say, a tree or a strain of flowers. But the results would never be pleasant, and the chance of it breeding true would be somewhere near zero. If it manages to survive more than a few days at all.

In these cases, we're talking about results that are still thematically in the vein of Transcendental Necromancy. These would be utterly unnatural mutations that could not be found in nature and likely is utterly devastating to the organism in the long term. This is not a fine instrument.

We're talking pretty radical, experimental necromancy at this point, though. Not something that a Necromancer would casually do with a spell.


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