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Re: Moved Discussion - Good Necromancers · on 12/06/2012 10:19 AM CST 997
In discussions like these it is important to keep the points of view clear:

DR society at large, the unwashed masses etc.:

Necromancers are just about the most evil thing possible. Half of what they know (maybe more) is utter rubbish, but they just don't care. Every other horror afflicted by necromancers aside Lyras was responsible for slaughtering something like 1/3rd of the entire population. And then raising them from the dead to attack their loved ones. We're talking horrors that dwarf anything Hitler and Stalin did combined.


Whatever you want. You can have a PC who loves necromancers. You can be a necromancer who views himself as a savior, or a good guy, or just misunderstood. That's all fine, good RP even. Society isn't going to care... but, hey, it is what it is.


This is where we need to separate what your character believes and what you believe. Necromancers are never, ever, good guys. They just aren't. They can commit good acts, they can strive for redemption and so forth, but the things they do are fundamentally wrong and harmful to the IG universe and canonically Necromancers are all mass murders at best and at least somewhat insane. The process of becoming a necromancer fundamentally breaks you.


This message was originally posted in The Necromancers \ Necromancer Ideologies, by DR-RAESH on the forums.