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More Prydaen Releases! · on 09/23/2015 08:27 PM CDT 1616
Today in Prime, a small group managed to catch Rayureko as he was providing Asemath Academy with copies of a book titled "On Prydaen Marriage." The book details the ceremony and customs of the Western Prydaen and goes on to mention how Eastern adaptations have been defined. At the very end of the book, a rather unique flower is hinted at. Rayureko spoke briefly on the flower and it's nature.

a golden Eu's Promise flower
Description: The golden-hued flower has a lush, full bloom sheathed in vivid holy light. A slender, curving stem of deep green extends from the base of the petals, its thornless surface glossy and smooth.

The flower was made by the Claw of Eu members in Dawnvale and Dawngrove Hubs. The closely guarded secret may become more public in the future, but for now, the only way to get these flowers will be via Rayureko and the Wedding Team for the purpose of Queen's weddings.

A few important notes about the flowers.
The flowers were originally designed to aid Prydaen in forming bonds with each other without causing potential damage to their soul. As the population was affected by Lyras, it's likely that many Prydaen souls are bound to another. This is something only Claw of Eu are able to determine for a Prydaen, and since these members are in short supply, the flower was developed to simulate the same bond. Because of this, the flowers can only be used by Prydaen. Necromancers may find that if they try to kiss the flowers, the flower will burst into flames and turn to ash.

The flowers may be used in alterations. They must be provided if you're using the flower itself, but using a design of one is entirely fine.

Yes, there are future plans to make these more accessible. Yes, I do want to one day make it a ritual for Prydaen Clerics.


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