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Moonblade Updates · on 12/25/2011 00:29 AM CST
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There has been a few changes to the Moonblade spell.


1) The moonblade special hit messaging should no longer freak out in water.
2) A few other messages were cleaned up in my endless pursuit of perfection.
3) An easter egg spell synergy was added to Moonblade's CAST. You'll know it if you find it.


Thanks to the work of GM Kodius, Moonblade now has a set of custom weapon templates written for it. These follow the original concept of Moonblade's forms as very light-weight for their weapon class, but with stats that have been updated for the new standards for storebought and crafted weapons.

Of significant note:

1) The triangular form is gone, since it was redundant with the new small form.
2) Shape Moonblade no longer reduces the weight of the moonblade; that has been built into the new templates wholesale.
3) The default Moonblade form got a significant facelift. Vooom voooom.

4) There is now a crafting tie-in. By default, the Moonblade spell produces moonblades equivalent to a nice storebought weapon. However, if the caster has the appropriate Weaponsmithing knowledge, the moonblade he produces will instead be equivalent to capped steel.

The appropriate technique for each form is:
Small: Basic Bladed Weapon Design
Curved, Narrow, Normal: Proficient Bladed Weapon Design
Heavy: Advanced Bladed Weapon Design
Huge: Expert Bladed Weapon Design
Blunt: Simple Martial Weapon Design

This is live on all versions of the game. Merry Christmas.


This message was originally posted in The Moon Mages \ Game Master and Official Announcements, by DR-ARMIFER on the forums.