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Mo and Agonar's conversation in The Crossings · on 6/13/2009 4:52:42 PM 614
I'm going to condense it so that only Mo and Agonar are discussing, but the conversation was with other people as well.

Mo says to Agonar, "We need talk."

Agonar asks Mo, "Oh?"

Agonar asks, "What is it we need to talk about?"

Mo says, "Necromancers."

Mo says, "Why ain't we out there? Now is the time to smite them."

Agonar says, "We already had this discussion, Mo."

Agonar says, "It is one thing if our students go - I highly encourage it - but we need to remain at our Halls."

Mo says, "You gettin' old, then."

Agonar says, "You don't think I want to go? I would love to destroy the scum. The fact is, however, we are being attacked on our own turf and need to be able to defend it."

Mo says, "Forget defend, cut off head."

Agonar says to Mo, "I would remind you of times past when the battles have come to our doors."

Mo says, "And I remind you that you carry a sword."

Mo says, "Stand in the Hall all the time. I want epic battle."

Agonar says, "You are missing the point, Mo."

Agonar says, "Our students are the ones who make up the s tongest warriors in the battles."

Agonar says, "If we don't teach and train them, the strongest people in the battle end up being mages and Paladins. I know you don't want that."

Mo says, "When a mage turn a battle, I want to see it."

Mo says, "Else, I don't believe it."

Agonar says, "The point is this, Mo."

Agonar says, "Our Guild is riddled with a history of these kinds of things. We know how the have ended up. The last thing we need is a repeat of the events of the Zoluren Civil War."

Mo asks, "You mean the one where a Legendary Hordesman emerged?"

Mo says, "Telfogli Aldergold."

Agonar says, "He was the leader of Steelclaw Clan before T'Kiel."

Mo says, "Could still be if he didn't quit."

Agonar says to Mo, "We don't even know he's alive."

Mo says to Agonar, "Don't know he's dead."

Agonar says, "He didn't quit simply to quit."

Agonar says, "He resigned because he didn't think anyone should serve longer than he did. Said that teachings don't innovate if one teaches too long."

Mo dryly asks, "Ain't you getting close to that limit, Agonar?"

Mo says, "I say we go take it to Lyras."

Agonar says, "Nearing 50 years."

Mo says, "We need to lock the doors and teach by example."

Agonar says to Mo, "The Elf gets it."

Mo says, "Glad I ain't stationed here, then."

Mo says, "Anhh'shre will agree with me, Agonar. That should say all."

Agonar says, "Yes, I'm aware. T'Kiel will too."

Agonar says, "Stumara and Tusfaov will agree with me, so stop whining."

Mo asks, "So now what?"

Mo says to Miir, "Ain't the point. Our place is in the front."

Agonar says to Mo, "No. The place of our students is in the front. The place of you, me, the other Guildleaders, is here, training the next wave of battle-ready warriors."

Mo asks, "So I'm to stand and watch until they're at me door?"

Agonar asks, "Are you daft? I mean that, Mo. Are you?"

Mo says, "I have faith. That ain't it."

Mo says, "I want to do killing. I want to run into the fray headlong again."

Agonar asks, "If you're so sure, why did you bother to come talk with me?"

Mo says, "You know why. When we split, you got last say."

Agonar says, "Unless a Legendary Hordesman arrives to say something, though we haven't seen him in nearly sixty years."

Agonar says, "You know what Mo? I'll tell you what."

Agonar says, "If you find him and he's alive, we'll discuss it."

Agonar says, "We won't make a Mor Ajervir out of it, but we'll talk."

Mo asks, "So all I have to do is find Telfogli, who disappeared almost sixty years ago, convince him to surface, agree with me and then we'll TALK about it?"

Mo says to Agonar, "We will talk again."

Agonar asks, "Why don't I doubt it?"

- Simon

This message was originally posted in The Barbarians (20) \ Events - Barbarian (16), by DWARB-POWER on the forums.