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Re: Mixed-race children · on 02/07/2013 02:11 AM CST 1127
Slightly-pointed ears are not some indication of partial Elf parentage, any Elanthian race that has ears may also have slightly pointed ears (or pointed ears, for that matter). People are either 100% Race A or 100% Race B, as GM Naohhi pointed out.

So the ears are exactly what they say on the tin -- slightly pointed human ears. I don't think we should be trying to make DragonRealms lore agree somehow with RL genetics.

>>transcendent in age last time I saw her.

If you saw this message: "She has transcended time." then the NPC was just briefly improperly flagged. It happens -- ignore it and move on.

The character is not my GMPC either, but I do have a little authority to speak about the features system. :]

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