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Re: Microtrans - A Discussion · on 07/22/2011 05:16 PM CDT 4072
<<If you do something like what you've already outlined, do you think you'd still be able to offer the base subscriptions for free? That's where I think the real strength of other companies' microtransaction models lie.>>

I think (at least personally) that would be the ultimate goal. If shifting to this model had the same results as it did for LOTRO and AOC and Champions, then it's entirely possible that "basic DR" would eventually end up being free, although I will be totally up-front and say that if we got to that point, there'd be a lot of mechanical changes that went along with it to make "free" not be the optimal choice.

Just examples, mind you:

We may crank down the EXP absorption rate, but offer things like potions that increased it by different amounts for different periods of (RL) time, which you could pick and choose based on your playstyle and how much time you knew you'd be spending in the game in the near future. Or, offer ones that only tracked IG time, but they'd be more expensive. You could still play for free, but you'd learn at a slower rate.

Or maybe lower spawn rates, but made critter bait that would increase spawns in the room you were in for X amount of time (and perhaps made them come after you first), sold in packs of X. Different types for different creatures, etc. You could still hunt for free, but you'd be forced to actively search out critters more.

If we ever had a system like GemStone has for magical metals that require you to be a certain level to even be able to hold them, we might sell a glove that lets you hold and use a magicalmetal sword that was one tier higher than you should be able to use for a week before being worn down. It wouldn't stop anyone from being able to use that weapon normally if they were of the proper circle, but it would let you "move up a level" if you were willing to buy the glove.

Almost all of these things would be things you could buy for Points and then, if you chose, sell to someone else for Plats if you needed them for something like an auction, but we'd also occasionally have special auctions where the Points were the currency of choice.

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