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Re: Mastery, Dragon/Eagle, and Combat 3.0 · on 09/16/2013 10:04 AM CDT 3644
The infrastructure is coded... But I am looking for feedback before finishing the actual +X IF, reduce drain by X, into the codebase. Do players think this will improve the Guild's playability? Does each Path have enough oomph to it? Could we redesign the PvP-minded ability to be less restrictive and immune to abuse?

Dragon is already a rank buff. Eagle is currently an OF buff. They work very similar, but the OF buff is a % buff that exceeds the rank bonus (by a little) starting at about 450 ranks. That % thing will be changing soon.

>>Damage then comes from stats, weapon quality, maneuver used, and a limited amount of rollover from to-hit.

To get the full damage potential from the hit, your OF needs to be somewhat higher than your opponents DEF. With 1 weapon rank, you can technically hit someone with 1000 evasion, but you'll be capped at about 1/4th - 1/2 normal maximum damage. With a good OF to DEF ratio your damage can increase to a cap of x2 normal.

So yes, ranks still influence damage to a point, but in Combat 2.0 this was unbound and led to unbalanced cases of +100x damage from high OF.

In the new setup, buffs can come in the following forms:

Rank bonus - long duration. Influences to-hit a lot, and damage somewhat. Not as useful if hunting way below your skill level.

OF bonus - short duration. Same as above.

To-Hit bonus - long or short duration. Influences to-hit by a lot, and reduces critical miss chance (so it always helps, even if you have plenty of skill).

Flat Damage bonus - short duration. Adds damage to each attack.

% Damage bonus - short duration. Increases base damage by a %.

Weapon stat bonus - long duration. Increases weapon damage stats.

Note the short buffs are reserved for abilities occurring instantly, or lasting a few seconds such as SMITE, BACKSTAB and so on. This allows people to have many buffs that all give some effect without completely unbalancing combat in the process :P

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