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Re: Mana Drains Quicker at Times? · on 08/30/2016 00:32 AM CDT
The date "08/30/2016 00:32 AM CDT" was not understood.
>>Sorcerous Patterns:

This effectively raises your sorcery skill when checking to see if backlash will occur.

>>Cautious Casting:

This applies only to normal backfires - NOT sorcerous backlash.

Yes, the in game descriptions could be more clear.

>>I think backlash severity (but not the chance of backlash) is also somehow tied to the mana used, which is why people with high levels of sorcery are probably seeing more severe backlashes than those with lower skill

Kinda, sorta.*

Every spell has a base chance of backfire. This is then penalized based on how bad the mix is. It's then reduced based on your skill.

Then we roll the dice and see what happens. If you pass... then no problem. If you fail, then we look at how badly you failed, and push you on that basis.

So the mana used actually doesn't punish you. It did in an earlier draft but that system didn't work out very well (Though it was hilarious and punished overreach nicely). You see worse penalties at higher levels because you're using harder spells which have an inherently greater risk that may or may not be scaling at the same rate your sorcery skill is (It very much depends on the mana mix, your skill, etc).

I can see a few places I can slightly nudge the system which may make it feel better.

>>I guess this has come as part of the changes, and the backlash other people have mentioned in this folder.

This is not a new result.


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