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Re: Makers Mark · on 03/05/2012 09:48 PM CST 1598
Skinning 3.0 and the leatherworking part of Tailoring should be out in about 2 weeks. Maker's marks are in need of some more love, but right now you can get the instructions for one from the Forging society merchant provided you have enough crafting prestige in one of the crafting Disciplines. (Prestige is earned by doing work orders).

Within the crafting system, individual Guilds are allowed access to Guild-only craftables provided only members of their Guild can make use of them ([g]randmaster lockpicks and Thieves, Ritual Bone Totems and Necromancers, Chakrel stuff and Barbarians (maybe), Familiar talisman carving and WMs, etc). It is still a bit off, but I'd like to see Hunter's bows give special Guild perks to Rangers, and be comparable to other capped bows for non-rangers.

Bows will hopefully have several manners in which they can be enhanced and weighted for draw to allow for much more depth than is currently present. Hunters should fit in nicely, and still be somewhat special.

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