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Magma Falls as Magma falls (falls) · on 8/9/2009 11:00:53 PM 11263
A searing chunk of lava rains down on your head!

A guard running through the area trips and falls hard to the ground. He quickly pushes himself up, and shouts, "Don't just stand there, RUN! FAST!"

The lava in the chasm below churns wildly! Giant bubbles form, and the magma begins to rise upward toward the promenade.

Showering the surrounding area with a spray of lava, a monstrous viper made entirely of lava rises up from the depths! The fearsome, fiery serpent wavers ominously back and forth, dripping molten rock in waves upon the promenade. Suddenly, it lunges toward a flame-painted ebonwood wagon in the center of the walkway, engulfing the structure in flames! The wagon is tossed like a rag off the side of the promenade into the chasm, never to be seen again. A deep rumbling reminiscent of ghostly laughter causes the area to quake with steady vibrations.

* A meteor streaks across the sky as Kronwif's soul departs forever to walk the Starry Road.(barb wagon guy)

A searing chunk of lava rains down on your head!

The lava on either side of the promenade lowers slowly, still bubbling feverishly. Swirling serpentine-like shapes twist along the glowing surface like miniature vipers of fire.

An Estate Holder guard escorts you out.

You are now prepared to cast the Water Globe cantrip.
>gest guard
You gesture, and a jagged black water ball forms in the air, hovering a hair's breadth above your hand. Focusing aethereal streams around the water ball, you watch as it slides out of your hand towards a tall Human guard wearing an Estate Holder's tabard!
The jagged black water ball strikes the Human guard and bursts in a spray of water!
(Roundtime: 5 seconds.)
You frown.

we got the mage out, banii left earlier, maddy left when she heard about cleric visions, and turialo was sleeping in darkstone so she made it... i'm assuming all the attendents are dead though along with the barb guy

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