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Re: Magic these days (complaint) · on 03/15/2015 10:24 AM CDT 4301
First off, I want to thank you for your feedback. There's certainly new hurdles out there with F2P bringing in new players, so we're getting a lot more people working up through the earlier circles than we usually have. I had a question, because there are supposed to be some mechanics to prevent people ending up in your situation. When you tried to learn these spells you can't cast did you get the warning from the Guildleader and have to choose the spell again? It would have looked like this:

Gauthus says, "I feel the Fire Ball spell is beyond your ability to use at this time. If you are certain of your decision, choose it again and it shall be yours. And remember, you were warned."

A spell's bare circle requirement and/or prereq spell requirement are not something we like to set too high, since we have a number of players that have primary skills well over their circle requirement, even at the early circles. It's a benefit and a drawback to having a skill based system, and currently we prefer to err on the side letting players with enough skill learn the spells they can cast, rather than requiring a player have all the skills they need to circle high enough to learn a spell.

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