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Re: Magic 3 Status Update · on 02/03/2012 12:07 PM CST 1564
>>Is there anything changing about Warrior Mages' Pathways beyond tieing it to the new skill, or is it mostly just a conversion job?

Yup, though at this point we should move it to the WM folder.

>>Will Bards will be the exception to that generalization, given the predominantly Cyclic spell book they have?


>>Will these be useable by NMUs?

Same as now.

>>Would it be possible to list out any of the spells that are rituals but were not identified as such previously? Or, if that's a long list, to just include that information in any other future lists of spells and their information released closer to D-Day?

D-Day thing. Though in general each guild has only one or two, and some have none.

>>On a related topic, are ritual foci specifically for ritual spells, or could we see ritual foci being involved in the "rituals" of Clerics and Necromancers?

Spells only.

>>Also, I've seen the list of Magic 3.0 spells for AP, and I've seen posts talking about Low Sorcery (Feral Magic, Lay Necromancy, Low Sorcery), but I don't think I've seen a post saying what, if any, non-Guild specific sorcery spells will be in Magic 3.0. Is that part of the process or something that's much further down the line?

The existing Sorcery spells will be ported over, and I have a few ideas for new ones that'll be post-release. The new Sorcery books are meant to be a consolidation of the existing books.

>>To your comment about working on "experience awards", you mean: How to split PM? How to convert PP and Harn to Atune? I would love to hear your current thinking on how these things will happen.

The meaning of that is simpler than that: I mean going through the system and making it assign appropriate experience when you perform actions. We slated it to be the last thing we do.

>>Would you share the stats involved in the offensive side of the M3.0 TM contest? Pretty please, with an Armifer-is-super-cool on top.

I don't have the ability to pop in-game at the moment, but off the top of my head it should be primarily Intelligence.

>>Although dual casting is out of the question, I suddenly got the idea for a MD that is created through enchanting that would store a spell, the spell would then be cast on the next spell you cast. But it wouldn't be you casting the spell it'd be the device kinda like casting a spell and waving a wand immediately right after. Would something like that work?

Chain casting is one of the things we're trying to move away from, so I'm kind of dubious about introducing a new method to do it. Something we can have another conversation about after the dust is settled and we have a good feel for how the system is doing.

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