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Re: Magic 3 Status Update · on 02/03/2012 02:05 AM CST 1548
>>1 - One of the things I'm going to look forward to seeing is spell messaging, have you guys changed a great deal of spell messaging?

Depends on the guild. Empaths got a lot of revised messaging, Necromancers not so much.

>>2 - Dual wield casting, is it possible to prepare more than one spell at a time now?


>>3 - What are the spell stances going to look like? Is there going to be a whole new layout like the current combat stance system, where you have to allocate points into different brackets? What are they? Spell power, spell damage, spell preparation?

>spell stance help

The SPELL STANCE command allows you to have finer control over how your mana is applied to the three fundamental attributes of a spell you cast.

  • Potency refers to the raw power of a spell's effect.
  • Duration refers to how long a spell lasts, where applicable.
  • Integrity refers to how well a spell can pierce magical defenses and resist dispellation.


SPELL STANCE (potency %) (duration %) (integrity %)
Sets all three attributes to specified percentages. Their total must not exceed 300.
Example: SPELL STANCE 80 120 100
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