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Re: M3.0 Necro Spell list. · on 9/20/2010 3:33:18 AM 1539
>>Will we be given a run down (sooner rather than later perhaps) of what stats/skills are considered to be within the guild "spere of influence".

Probably later rather than sooner. That's exactly the sort of thing that can get revised five times at the 11th hour.

>>I would assume if any of our spells modify a stat/skill that it would by definition be in our sphere, however, this statement perhaps contradicts that.

That is not a safe assumption. And, more to the point, sphere of influence is determined by the caster rather than the spell.

Presume that Dan the Sorcerer does not have Perception in his sphere of influence. Even if he gets his hands on a CV run and casts it at full strength, he is still going to get the "not in sphere of influence" result, even though Moon Mages assuredly do have Perception in their sphere.


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