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Re: Lunar Mana, the Reckoning · on 8/18/2009 12:13:53 AM 5338
>>The sun just started contributing mana when the fact that it didn't was previously an aspect of magic lore. That's obviously a more drastic change than other space junk adding more to the sytem.

I'll mad spoilz.

The sun has always discharged Lunar mana. The previous excuse for why Moon Mages never saw it is because the sun is an ungodly massive object at a fixed distance (Elanthia's orbit is circular): it was essentially non-variable and trying to detect the sun from the Lunar mana it extruded with the crude, qualitative tools Moon Mages have was like an ant trying to understand an aircraft carrier.

Thus, the sun's mana constituted the Lunar mana "background radiation," and figured invisibly into the Moon Mages' assumptions of Lunar mana's zero point.

After the shake up, something about how Moon Mages perceive the sun changed and, really, not for the better. A trickle now comes in perceptibly, but the maximum potential of Lunar mana dropped like stone.


This message was originally posted in The Moon Mages (24) \ Responses to GM/Official Announcements (2), by DR-ARMIFER on the forums.