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Lore questions about summoned weapons · on 04/07/2020 11:09 3447
>1. The messaging implies opening and maintaining the fissure takes some effort on his part. What does that effort entail? Is it difficult like pushing a rock up a hill, or difficult like solving simultaneous n-dimensional equations in your head to arrive at a vector? Is it solving the equations and THEN pushing the rock along the vector? I would love to know as much as you would be willing to share about what my character might understand himself to be doing when he opens the fissure.

It's mental effort, though more like summoning up a burst of willpower than doing complex math.

>1.a The fissure is apparantly big enough to reach into and draw out, at maximum, a polearm. Is the size of the fissure limited by the technique my character uses to summon weapons, or is he just not creating an opening bigger than what he needs? What is theoretically the biggest fissure he could open this way and what would he understand is the limiting factor? >2. Where exactly does the fissure go and does my character understand that?

So, the fissure described in this ability doesn't fit my general idea of how fissures into the Elemental Planes work (which would make sticking your hand into it a Very Bad Idea). That said, I'm not sure how I'd align the two off hand and need time to think on it.

>3. Pulling a sword does he understand that to work? Other messaging (below) implies he exerts his will and reshapes the material. Obviously that doesn't work with things native to the Plane of Abiding so what substance is he working with and how does he understand himself to be shaping it?

He's shaping it through visualization and willpower, though the extent through which he can do so is limited by the knowledge represented by the crafting feats and metaspells that feed into it.

>4. Is there a reason that my character makes the effort to open another fissure to shave off a little material, rather than just letting it fall to the ground?

Give a hoot, don't pollute.

No reason that I'm aware of, other than just a way to explain why you don't produce mounds of debris doing so.


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