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Lore Question Regarding Favors · on 03/04/2018 07:22 1261
>>Elanthia does not appear to be a very egalitarian place to be!

Most people in Elanthia in fact do not have favors at all, you are correct. This is one of the many reasons that the great masses of the lands tend to be both terrified of, and in awe of, Adventurers. It's also one of the reasons why wars and disasters and diseases are actually a big deal lore-wise -- most folks do not come back. They live one time, they die one time. This isn't because these people are just too lazy or stupid to try and gain favors.

Most of the masses of Elanthia:

  • live too far away to 'safely' take the treks to places that give favor orbs. They aren't trained and may never survive the journey.
  • don't seem to be able to fill the favor orbs if they manage to gain one. Does this mean the Immortals don't care about that type of memory? Maybe. Does this mean that the Immortals don't care to bring back the average person? Absolutely. Does anyone ICly know for sure why this happens this way? No, but being religion, people have their stories and theories and beliefs, certainly.
  • still pray and give their own types of offerings to the Immortals anyway, for a variety of reasons all related to trying to convince the Immortals to care about and do nice things for them, up to and including bringing them back if they die. It's just not a reliable transaction the way that favor orbs are for Adventurers. Sometimes a member of the greater masses has their prayers answered in a way that is undeniably the work of an Immortal, but a lot of times, it's not so easy to say if they were answered or not.


This message was originally posted in Surviving in DragonRealms - Elanthia/On Death, by DR-PERSIDA on the forums.