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Looking for new GameHosts · on 07/14/2015 06:10 PM CDT 502
We are hiring for GameHosts!

What's a GameHost, you may ask? GameHosts volunteer their time to serve as our frontline when it comes to customer service - they are primarily responsible for working the ASSIST queues that players utilize for all forms of customer-related issues. If you've ever assisted in-game for any reason at all, chances are that a GameHost helped you out at some point in the process. GameHosts are fairly knowledgeable about the basics of gameplay. That does not mean that they are necessarily DragonRealms encyclopedias of knowledge, but they do know how to research an answer and, most importantly, interact and communicate with others in a professional manner.

What's required of a GameHost? GameHosts work 3 shifts a week (shifts run ~2 hours) and attend 2 team meetings a month. That's the basic gist of it. There are some other, non-required items hosts are able to participate in from time-to-time, if they are interested.

What do we look for in potential GameHosts? Actively playing, account in good standing (no recent warnings), comfortable talking about basic technical aspects of DragonRealms and game play (or at least not afraid to try it!), ability to consistently commit to 3 shifts a week, decent typing speed, and a good quantity of patience. Customer service experience in pretty much any field is extremely helpful, though certainly not required to be considered. Note that these are the broad strokes of the qualities that we look for, but there is no cookie-cutter mold -- if you don't quite fit into the above but think you might be a good GameHost, use the application to explain why! Frontend Requirement: To be considered eligible to be a GameHost, you must use an official Simutronics-supported frontend such as Wizard, Avalon, or StormFront. We're sorry, but Genie users cannot be considered.

If you are interested in becoming a GameHost: Go to and click on the "Join the Team" link under the GameHosts section. Once you do that, there are three parts to the application: (1) Personal Info; (2) Application (Questionarre); (3) GameHost Application/Test. You must have all three parts filled out in order to be considered. Bear in mind that comprehensive answers to questions (where applicable) give a much better picture of a candidate than one-word answer ones.

We will be looking at applications submitted and/or updated between July 15th and August 31st of this year. If you submitted an application prior to July 15th and wish to be considered, please be sure to update the "Application" portion to fall within our viewing time-frame (to do that, find some time before August 31st comes to an end to click on "Update Application," scroll to the bottom, and click on "Submit." That will update the timestamp, even if you aren't changing any of your info.)

If you have any questions, please feel welcome to post them here or shoot me an email at my!

GM Seyalle
Hiring Team/Training Team
Host Team Lead
Moderator Team Lead
Mentor Team Lead
Zoluren (P1) Events lead

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