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Re: Long story event suggestion · on 05/05/2014 03:10 PM CDT 1166
>>2) What makes Yavash, Xibar, and Katamba so special beyond being just moons? Why wouldn't you be able to place an Elanthian Moonbeam on Katamba?

Same reason you can't plant planetbeams right now. The spell just doesn't have the resolution to do that, if it's achievable at all.

>>3) If there is nothing inherently magical about Elanthia's three moons, but there's some rule saying "lunar magic only works with moons!", could the moon from another planet be used if the light from it was strong enough to work with?

There's no Law of Magic that says planetary light and symbolism can't be used in Lunar Magic (see: IOTS) but at the same time, a spell that only uses the moons is designed only to use the moon. It's simply not in the Moon Mage arsenal.

There's a lot of room between the current existing Moon Mage spells and the theoretical limits of what they can do, but bear in mind that modern Moon Magery is the youngest magical discipline by a long shot. A few more millennia of Lunar magic research might produce an entirely different looking guild.


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