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Re: Long Time, No Post · on 10/02/2012 06:12 PM CDT 3361
>>Is the scale for stats-to-skills being reworked?

Yeah, the scales are changing dramatically in DR3. The super-expensive stats will still suffer from diminishing returns, though. They're for purchasing when you have enough TDPs to spare (which many of you do) and you do want that edge.

>>Is Hiding-scale being split across multiple stats? Please say yes!

I don't know what this means.

>> Also, are there any significant changes in which stats scale what skills?

Yes and no. In Combat and Magic, absolutely. In other systems, not much has changed thus far.

>>Will the "few skills" bonus give my tert lore and magic skill sets the absorption rate of a secondary or primary skill set?

Possibly. I haven't nailed down the specific bonuses/penalties yet.

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