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Re: Long Time, No Post · on 10/02/2012 12:14 PM CDT 3319
>>Ultimately he means the formulas will be equal for everyone


>>You mean people who were punished for AFK scripting will lose their negative TDPs, or something else?

Previously, there was the notion of having a pool of negative TDPs that basically slowed down your TDP gain until they were dealt with. The main idea was to compensate for folks that are losing a lot of TDPs by not giving them a whopping big negative number. It was elegant as a notion in some ways, but in application it turns out to have been messy. Now you just have TDPs, positive or negative, etc.

>>Do you have to do a respec? Will something bad happen if you don't? >>I'm curious about this as well. What if we want to wait 6 months and see how things work out before making this leap.

If you don't want to use the respec for any reason, that's totally fine. The 30 day window is mostly for people who get converted in, say, two years - The respec will expire for them after 30 days. We'll probably allow some number of free respecs within the adjustment period (3-6 months?) that you can use as well.

>>reading down it sounds like when you activate a respec, it's going to reset you to current racial rolls, and then tabulate how many tdps you have access too, making the 'max roll' thing somewhat moot?

Correct - It's basically moot for people that respec, but for those that don't it's assurance that they're getting the same calculation regardless of whether they've respec'd.

>>So it sounds like I can either respec, and ditch my negative pool (just to be done with it I assume), or I can not respec and keep my current stats and slowly work off my negative pool (which would be the obvious choice for me being down 15k). Looks like they are basically giving us a choice on what to do.

100% correct.

>>Silly question, but will the 100+ stats do much for a character? (except give a person more goals - which IS nice)

So Kodius and I realized at Con that there's actually nothing in any system we've touched (which is many of them) that doesn't already support stats going to 200. You'll get roughly the same benefit from going from 99 to 100 as you would from 98 to 99.

>>One free respec cool but can we have the opportunity to respec again for plats?

This is something that's been requested outside of DR3 - That's not to say that we won't do it, but it IS to say that it's not part of DR3 at the very least.

>>maybe once every RL year for the entire account or something to do a stat respec to one character.

The other benefit of allowing respecs is that we aren't forced to stick with whatever stat models we have. If we need to make dramatic changes to how contests work, we can make them and give everybody a free respec.

>> I think that should be enough time to get a good feel for what you want to do with your character.

It's something we've thought about, but it isn't a full solution - People that miss the test window miss out on that, etc. We're working on ways to make it easier to know, though.

>>Hopefully 95% will be released at the same time and it won't be spurts over a long period

The only thing that won't be released is some of the spells. Turns out we have a lot of freaking spells.

>>What does "losing TDPs will now just make you negative" mean? How will they be "paid back"?

Basically, you'll just have -1000 TDPs instead of earning TDPs at half rate until you've gained 2000 TDPs.

>>Also, will we need to respec in order to "recover" any TDPs not gained by the max stats at character generation change, and/or those we have spent on spell slots?

Nope. The way it's calculated now knows and cares nothing about what TDPs you used to have, only how many you should have right now. That means that if you spent 2000 TDPs a spell slot, 10000 TDPs on stats, and have earned 15000 TDPs from skills/level, you'd have 3000 TDPs under the old system. The new system will take your skills TDPs (what you've earned) and subtract your stats TDPs (what you've spent) and you'll have 5000 TDPs available to you, and has no notion of any other way that TDPs have been earned or spent.

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