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Long Time, No Post · on 10/02/2012 03:51 AM CDT 3298
As we begin to finish up the tail end of DR3, there are some skill-specific things that I wanted to let you guys know about:
  • The Grandfathering restrictions have changed somewhat. Instead of requiring you to circle once above your punished circle, we will instead be looking at people who, in the 180 days before the DR3 launch date, have received skill loss penalties due to AFK scripting. This will not prevent the derived new skills from being granted their base ranks - Masteries, Defending, new Magic skills, etc will still be derived using the same equations as everybody else. However, you will not have your ranks grandfathered to be at-circle.
  • The TDP plan has changed. I know Leilond put a lot of work into his chart, but after factoring in the grandfathering, everybody was coming out tremendously positive. I'm running the numbers again and figuring out the right new equation, but it's likely to have less of a dramatic split than the previous one. However, TDPs are still changing somewhat.
  • TDPs are only spent by buying stats, and are only earned by gaining ranks and circling. There are no more for-TDP spell slots, etc. Because of this, everybody's TDPs are recalculated every time you gain a rank - The number is extremely predictable.
  • It is assumed that everybody had a max roll when they created their character when determining what their starting stats were. Additionally, the explicit formula of 50+Level TDPs until 10th level, and then 100+Level TDPs granted or circling is being used - Anybody who gamed the system by milking their circling to grant bonus 100s will now fall in line with everybody else.
  • Everybody will be granted one free stat respec, usable within 30 RL calendar days of your individual conversion to DR3. Once you activate your respec, you'll have a 24 hour IG window to train your stats free of monetary charge. When you respec, you'll have your stats reduced to your starting racial values and you'll be granted all TDPs you've got to your name.
  • Additionally, we're opening up the stat range above 99. Stat points of 100-200 will be available to train, and they'll cost 5x as many TDPS as the 1-99 points. Additionally, they'll cost at least 15x per TDP in coppers (ish). These stat points will obviously be much weightier of a decision to make, due to their increased cost.

To give you an idea of how close we are, I'd say we're 'weeks, not months' away from releasing into Prime.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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