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Leave it to Liev · on 03/26/2013 01:31 PM CDT 1692
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  • the Long Short-

So during/right after the naming of the sky rock thingy over in Fang Cove, Liev Demosel showed up to the Vela'thor recruiting picnic/stroll that was happening. They went out for drinks after. Smish spoke for an extended period, so I don't blame him.

The youngest of the Demosel boys (Zoluren Noble House, out the West Gate), he basicaly can do whatever he wants with zero responsibility. His family wants him to marry and work the business (corn - ask him what's new with corn I guess?), but his interests seemed to be boozing it up and hitting on the ladies - Who all seemed to be married mostly; I think he was just working the room though.

It was a pretty entertaining night, at least I had fun being obnoxious. He seemed to be fairly up to date on recent events and stuff and classy.

Then the Senechal showed up and raided the party. She took him home back to the Keep for the night, or he took her home for the night? I forget, I should probably pay attention to things.

After that I think I got some people addicted to drugs or something. Yay Valerian Blossoms!

  • the Short Long-

Liev catches the eye of a pretty girl who passes by and winks rakishly at her. Liev says, "This is a lovely setting. We have beautiful music, and beautiful ladies." Liev smiles at Dreamheart. Liev says to Juleanne, "Ah, a pleasure lady. What a fair face you have though your eyes speak of fathomless depths." Liev says, "Another lovely one." Liev just took the hand of Asmarra and gently kissed the back of it. Liev just took the hand of Cyiarriah and gently kissed the back of it. Liev says to Aislynn, "Beauty never diminishes. It only ages finely, like a wine."

Nealie asks Liev, "You farm, yes?" Liev says to Nealie, "We OWN farms." Nealie asks Liev, "So if you aren't the court flatterer and do not farm, do you mind if I ask what you do?"

Liev says to Cyiarriah, "You really should smile more, my dear. It lightens up the room." Cyiarriah says to Liev, "You're just saying that." Liev says to Cyiarriah, "Am I? You may never know." Cyiarriah says, "I like a good mystery."

Liev says, "Now, since I have been gone, like I said I would love to hear some of the gossip I'd missed. It was terribly dull out on the farmlands." Liev says, "Uncle Viere is not the most stalwart of letter writers either."

Liev asks, "Uncle Viere said something, and I believe someone mentioned earlier about explosive in felines?" Liev says, "Well I can't say that I never considered that as a boy." Liev says, "Boys think of horrible things. I see the error in that thought now I am older and wiser, lady."

Liev asks, "And still no word on poor Iazen?" Liev says, "That man always had sweets when I was young." Liev says, "He never freely gave them. He just always had them." Liev says, "Crotchety old fool."

Liev says, "Indeed. When I was younger, when Maghana was still a guard at the Keep, so this was many years ago, Iazen always told us stories." Liev says, "Don't fear that the history will ever be entirely lost."

- And... I'm too lazy to dig through the rest

Smish says, "Fur a human."

Smish asks, "Wut was dat wytcher?"

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