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Prydaen festival fest - Now I can't wait for the rakash puppy bowl!!

TLDR: there were alterers! a minor invasion! moose loose outside their hoose! story retelling! false accusations! stuff for sale! and more I think!

  • this lady did general alterations- she wouldn't touch anything that'd possibly explode

You see Choretalli, a Prydaen. Choretalli has a softly angular face with elegant arched eyebrows, cat-slitted crystal green eyes and a small nose. Her silver-gilt-streaked black mane is long and wavy. She has glittered black fur, a slender tail and an alluringly-toned figure. She is tiny for a Prydaen. She appears to be young. She is in good shape.

She is wearing a delicate silver earcuff adorned with tiny silver chains and black diamond beads, a black seaglass pendant suspended from a silver chain, a black silk duffel bag, a sage marblesilk ysin clasped at the side with a black seaglass brooch, a hammered silver tailband encrusted with tiny black diamonds and some silverweave footwraps.

  • a buncha Yeyaru's family the Graimairo's apparently ran the thing- I think Rocha and Esado told some stories?

You see Diade Rocha Graimairo, a Prydaen Ranger. Rocha has an angular face, cat-slitted moss-green eyes and a narrow nose. Her dark brown mane is long and peppered. She has tortoiseshell fur, a curving tail and a generous figure. She is short for a Prydaen. She appears to be elderly. She is in good shape.

She is wearing a single silver earring twisted around a small jade bead, a translucent chiffon sash dyed with a cloudy sunset pattern, a calfskin bundle embroidered with stylized silverwood trees, a floor-length sleeveless robe of forest green silk, a fine silver bracelet adorned with a blue gold shariza symbol, a crushed black velvet sash embroidered with a repeating silver leaf pattern, a pair of black silk leggings stitched with silver blades of grass around the ankles and a pair of simple leather sandals clasped with a silver iris pin.

  • There was a story teller and an interpreter- I didn't get the full story but I'll share what I have later if someone doesn't.

Basically this guy used some maggots to catch a pig to feed his people, but not the people who don't hunt, they don't get food. Nisheko's version was better, Power's version'll be even better...

The Sun rose into the heavens and grasped the moons, the stars, and the sky itself. The sky turned red as the Sun set and the heavens fell with it into the future.

You see Interpreter Faeylis, a Human. Faeylis has amber eyes and a button nose. Her flaxen hair is short and straight, and is worn parted on the side. She has tanned skin and a curvaceous figure. She is slightly under average height for a Human. She appears to be mature. She is in good shape.

She is wearing a silver spiral pendant hung with a golden topaz teardrop, a black cloak adorned with an enraged dragon breathing flames of blood-red rubies, a twisted cambrinth armband decorated with a stylized fish, a grey linen shirt with a row of carved ebony buttons, a delicate bone wrist knife with a linen-wrapped hilt, a carved platinum ring adorned with a small topaz surrounded by golden leaves, a fish skin belt secured with a complicated rope knot, some black wool pants with braid-trimmed pockets and some soft grey leather dress boots.

You see Storyteller Nisheko, a Prydaen. Nisheko has a square face, cat-slitted crystal blue eyes and a crooked nose. He has a cropped strawberry mane, with calico fur with grey points and ruddy rosettes, a crooked tail and a thin build. He is a bit over average height for a Prydaen. He appears to be young. He is in good shape.

He is holding a bowl of sweet and sour Welkin's Wish soup colored with purple orchid petals in his right hand. He is wearing a dark leather mask edged with broken shark teeth, a white gold necklace strung with gleaming ivory fangs, a cobraskin sheath wrapped with leather ties in a criss-cross pattern, a dove grey velvet backpack stitched with pastel threads, a garish robe crafted from patches of many random colors, some scuffed dark brown leathers, a somber black mourning armband depicting the plight of the Prydaen, some brown leather gloves with a gold buckle on the wrist, a small herb pouch painted with tribal markings, a curved belt knife with an ivory handle, a pair of burgundy wool trousers with black piping on the seams and a pair of worn leather traveler's boots stained with mud.

Later a bloody trail was spotted leading down the hills into Kaerna and over to the well and a bloody Prydaen. He refused empathic touch, and wouldn't say wether the undead spotted were after him, with him, or something he fought through. He talked a little trash, then said he was going to go fight the fiends, skeletons, and ghouls that arrived. Either he was too slow, or was playing along, I don't think he harmed any.

You see Unbound Griagech, a Prydaen. Griagech is of average height for a Prydaen and has a lean muscular build. His fur is almost completely obscured, clumped together with dried mud and dirt, though a relatively clean face reveals tawny fur. His thick russet mane is held back by a leather cord and the matted-together locks hang down past his shoulders. A single cat-slitted crystal green eye gazes out from the left side of his face, a leather patch covering the right with a streak of white fur extending vertically just past the edges. Griagech appears to be in his prime.

He has deep cuts across the right arm, deep cuts across the right leg, cuts and bruises about the chest area, severe scarring along the abdomen, severe scarring along the back.

He is holding a longsword etched with a Shariza in his right hand and a short sword etched with a Shariza in his left. He is wearing a forester's crossbow, a leather hair cord, a black leather eyepatch emblazoned with a shariza, a forester's bow, a scuffed leather traveler's haversack, some patchwork coarse leathers, some coarse gloves, a serrated belt knife, a mottled brown herb pouch, an animal hide belt pouch, a leather sheath wrapped with a bloodstained scrap of marblesilk, a leather thigh sheath and a thigh quiver dyed in a brown and green camouflage pattern.

Eventually another of Graimairo came out, talked some trash, had some words with Grigaech, and sent him on his way. He didn't want the violence at his festival, but also didn't want the necromancers there, so he decided to close up the wagon after Grig left.

You see Rish Esado Graimairo, a Prydaen. Esado has a triangular face, cat-slitted blue-grey eyes and a hooked nose. His blonde-streaked red-gold mane is short and thick, and is worn tied back. He has dingy, grey-speckled calico fur, a straight tail and a stocky build. He is tall for a Prydaen. He appears to be elderly. He is in good shape.

He is holding a steel greatsword in his right hand. He is wearing some darkened tooled leathers, a silverwood and iron shield, a corded silver necklace strung with ivory fangs, a simple spidersilk bundle, a long white leather tunic marked down the side with silver-edged tribal symbols, a small bracelet strung with stones in alternating red and blue colors, a braided snakeskin belt clasped with a claw-shaped buckle, a pair of black leather trousers painted with whorling silver clouds and some rugged forester's boots.

apparently these guys are necromancers

A nearby Elf woman points at Dyamond, screeching in dismay and crying out "Necromancer!!" in a shrill voice. J> A nearby Human woman points at Guaranzo, screeching in dismay and crying out "Necromancer!!" in a shrill voice. J> A nearby Gnome woman points at Zerreck, screeching in dismay and crying out "Necromancer!!" in a shrill voice. A nearby Rakash woman points at Khiol, screeching in dismay and crying out "Necromancer!!" in a shrill voice.

  • someone! you know who you are... knocked over the rats and mice on the sideboard... I think on purpose... well they gave people prizes for returning their food.

A pair of villagers come over and start hauling the cage away. They wave their thanks.

a thin black headband supporting a pair of faux mouse ears, a hammered gold tailband encrusted with tiny white diamonds, a black velvet badge stamped with, "Mouse Rescuer!", a black velvet badge stamped with, "Mouse Rescuer!", a brown toy mouse with a pink nose, some gems and large cambrinth rats

You also see a fat mouse, a fat mouse, a wine-soaked mouse, a plump mouse, a slim mouse, a plump mouse, a plump mouse, a slim mouse, a fat mouse, a slender mouse, a large iron cage filled with plush fabrics,

  • oh yeah I mentioned Yeyaru, he was there altering stuff too with his fire breath

You see Roleta Yeyaru Graimairo, a Prydaen. Yeyaru has cat-slitted blue-grey eyes and a narrow nose. His blonde mane is shoulder length and thick, and is worn shaggy with several leaves and twigs stuck in it. He has sandy fur with flecks of red-gold markings, a stubby tail and a brawny build. He is average height for a Prydaen. He appears to be young. He is in good shape.

He is wearing a cloudy turquoise earring carved into a teardrop, a leather-corded Prydaen ancestral bone necklace, a soft doeskin bundle with knotted leather ties, a dark grey leather tunic marred with grass stains, a simple blue gold raaho, a dark brown deerskin belt braided in nine interwoven strands and a pair of black leather leggings reinforced with grey pads at the knees and shins. >

A large fur-trimmed board stamped with the image of a speckled dragon reads: ~~Roleta Yeyaru Graimairo~~

Yeyaru works by speaking to items and convincing them to change their appearance. He is currently unable to convince substances such as cambrinth, chakrel, or soulstone to listen to his words. Yeyaru will accept vouchers, but you must have your voucher with you along with any materials you wish to use.

  • oh and Turialo was there working on stuff doing her normal super awesome job too!

You see Turialo Shala'mer, a S'Kra Mur. Turialo has an angular face, slitted gold-flecked moss-green eyes and a narrow snout, green-grey scales, a long tail and a slender figure. She is slightly under average height for a S'Kra Mur. She appears to be young. She is in good shape.

She is wearing a stormy grey marblesilk backpack embroidered with a cloud pattern, a forest green marblesilk gamantang patterned with bright wildflowers, a fine silver bracelet threaded with beads shaped to resemble flower petals, some jade-colored silk gloves stitched with thin oak petals, some black satin leggings embroidered with silver flowering vines, a soft mistsilk thigh bag shadow-embroidered with a lotus blossom and some cuffed forester's boots laced with strands of jade silk.

  • With a quick twist, you render a field mouse lifeless.

that's it! I think...

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