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Jade and yellow ball outline. · on 3/21/2010 12:00:08 AM 4952
Basic highlights, Lord Weyato is leaving Zoluren and the Keep, Our Ferdahl gave some gift to the Princess for her children. The Baron offered her children ponies. Xelten asked The Baron how his wife was doing, the Baron got out a sword, Joshuan thumped Xelten, the Ferdahl left early. The Court Mage Malzard and Devoria provided gates there and back. The Baron bowed to Our Ferdhal she did not seem to respond to him. Assorted guarding, curtsying, bowing, nodding politely, drinking, dancing offering drinks, people wandering the Keep getting lost.

You see Ferdahl Aemmin a'Emaylian, an Elothean. Her tilted almond-shaped stormy grey eyes are accented with green jade dust, which clings to the edges of her lashes. A six-strand braid of her auburn hair is pleated from one temple, the rest styled into loose curls. She has fair skin and a slender figure. She is in her prime for an Elothean. She is in good shape.

She is wearing a delicately twisted platinum diadem, an emerald-inlaid medallion hung from a dark nightsilk cord, a thin platinum pendant embossed with the House of the Glittering Diadem crest, a black satin scroll case clasped by a crystal lotus blossom, a pure white floor-length gown woven from fine Elothean silk, an albredine crystal ring, a wrapped sash of yellow and jade Elothean silk and a pair of snow white slippers accented with gold edging. Katralyn curtsies to Vethine. Vethine pats her hair, making sure it's arranged to her liking.

You see Brigadier General Zukir Dyth, a Human Paladin. He has hazel eyes. His russet hair is long and curly, and is worn loose. He has pale skin. He has a deformed left ear with a scar running from his temple to his left shoulder. He is in good shape.

He is holding a heavy steel bastard sword hilted with an intricate mother-of-pearl gladiolus in his right hand. He is wearing a nicked and dented platinum General's badge, a dark silk sash embroidered with the crest of Zoluren, a white leather backsheath, a white linen shirt with a row of embossed silver buttons, some burnished steel plate, a cambrinth armband, a heavy steel heraldic shield emblazoned with a stylized mother-of-pearl gladiolus, a wide silver ring bearing the crest of Zoluren, some white linen breeches with embossed silver buttons and a pair of white leather boots.

You see Guildleader Silvyrfrost Emiliax, an Elven Bard. Silvyrfrost has pointed ears and mismatched eyes, one silver and the other crystal blue. Her red hair is very long and curly, and is worn arranged in an intricate Elven braid. She has rosy skin. She is matronly for an Elf. She is in good shape.

She is wearing a sparkling necklace of golden-hued sapphires, a golden handbag closed with a matching sapphire clasp, an empire-waisted ballgown of golden firesilk and a pair of soft kidskin slippers with golden crystal heels. Clauddvon grins at Marssi. Liurilias gestures.

You see Court Scribe Iazen Siddu of the Zoluren Court, a Human. Iazen has a square-jawed face and thick-lashed dark eyes. He has cropped grey-streaked golden brown hair, with fair skin and a lean build. He is venerable for a Human. He is in good shape.

He is wearing a platinum Scribe's insignia, a gnarled silverwood staff, some heavy robes belted with a thick jade green sash, a sterling silver band set with a large blood ruby, an albredine crystal ring, a polished scroll case and some hand-tooled golden leather sandals.

You see Tribune Thariis Hroa, an Elothean. Thariis has slightly pointed ears, tilted almond-shaped clear-colored eyes and a bulbous nose. His grey hair is long and peppered, and is worn loose. He has pockmarked skin. He is slightly under average height for an Elothean. He is middle-aged for an Elothean. He has a long narrow mustache that droops to either side of the mouth on his upper lip and a long thin beard. He is in good shape.

He is wearing some thin half-moon lenses held in spindly animite frames, some pale green robes embroidered with the emblem of the Shard Trader's Guild, a dark canvas book bag shot through with platinum thread, a dark iron ring worn to a smooth finish, a narrow kidskin belt decorated with yellow sapphire studs and some thin leather sandals with etched animite clasps.

You see Rose Sister Vethine, an Elf. Two long jade sticks of the darkest green plunge into the depths of her black-streaked chocolate brown hair, holding a stylishly disheveled bun in place. A few tendrils caress her pointed ears and soften her face's angular features. Immaculately shaped, her eyebrows arch elegantly over her moss-green eyes. High, prominent cheekbones on either side of her straight nose enhance the perfect symmetry of her features. Her translucent skin is alight with a subtle golden shimmer across her lean form. Vethine is adult for an Elf, though her eyes reveal wisdom beyond her years. She is in good shape.

She is holding a glass of lemonade with a lemon slice in her right hand. She is wearing a ravishing floor-length cheongsam of contouring jade damask detailed with blossoming topaz roses, a slender jade armband set with a regal topaz swan, a jade damask handbag clasped with a sculpted topaz rose and a pair of dainty slippers bejeweled entirely with glittering topaz.

You see Princess Arilana Lasa'Sorvendig, an Elf. She has pointed ears and lushly-eyelashed green eyes that hold a touch of sadness. Her shining black hair with a white forelock has been braided with canary diamonds on silver strands, soft tendrils escaping to frame her face. She has fair skin with a touch of blushing on her high cheekbones. She is slightly under average height for an Elf. She is adult for an Elf. She is in good shape.

She is wearing a pair of jade-green satin-lined sandals with canary diamond-dusted lacings, a simple platinum wedding band engraved with a single gladiolus, an opulent gown of jade watersilk with canary diamonds trailing down the long sleeves and a delicate diadem of braided silver dangling a pristine white Dalterein diamond. Wildflower Karissa's group just went southwest. Demaris curtsies to Semgrey.

You see Baron Gyfford Theren, a Human Paladin. Curly, ash-blonde hair has been pulled back and tied with gold cord. A few sun-streaked strands that refuse to be tamed, escape to frame his ruggedly handsome face. Deep-set sapphire eyes are flecked with gold, glinting like the reflected rays of a setting sun on a calm blue sea. His chiseled jaw supports a regal nose and generous mouth. He has an athletic build, carrying himself with the confidence of one used to bearing the burdens of a province on his broad shoulders. He is tall for a Human. He is young for a Human. He is in good shape.

He is holding a cup of peach wine in his right hand. He is wearing a jadeite gwethdesuan, a kyanite gwethdesuan, a yellow citrine lion pin with polished jade eyes, a high-necked black velvet tunic, a black linen shirt, a heavy white gold wedding band, an ornate white gold ring with the Baronial seal of Therengia carved into a massive square cut bloodgem, a belt of carved jade linked with brilliant cut yellow citrines, a black leather sheath with an intricate gold collar and tip, some supple leather pants accented with a strip of black stormsilk down each leg and some black suede boots with turned down cuffs that come to just below the knee.

You see Artist-in-Residence Aguisian Deglaraus, an Elf. Aguisian has an angular face with elegant arched eyebrows, pointed ears and thick-lashed steely grey eyes. His silver hair is shoulder length and wavy, and is worn loose. He has copper skin and a lean build. He is tall for a Elf. He is adult for an Elf. He has a tattoo of talon wounds done in stark grey ink that stretch from his left shoulder to rest on his chest. He is in good shape.

He is holding a mug of fresh coffee in his right hand. He is wearing a billowing shirt of brushed ochre silk, a wide silver ring set with a single brilliant-cut Ocean's Deep emerald, a sandalwood parchment case, a pair of caliginous jade linen trousers and some dark leather boots with emerald-inlaid clasps.

The Ilithi Court...

You see Ambassador Sendithu Shima'ionare of the Ilithi Court, an Elf. Sendithu has an angular face with elegant arched eyebrows, pointed ears and almond-shaped violet eyes. Her blue-black hair is very long and wavy, and is worn tied back in an elegant chignon held in place by a delicate Elven silver haircomb carved to resemble a pair of swans. She has pale skin and a lithe figure. She is tall for an Elf. She is adult for an Elf. She is in good shape.

She is wearing a large pear-shaped tourmaline resting within a gold and diamond loop pendant, an engraved platinum circlet set with spirals of white jade inlay, a gold Ambassador's insignia, a sculpted swan of snowy white jade, a backless gown of pale golden firesilk accented with sparkling beadwork, an intricately woven Elven silver pilonu accented with faceted tanzanite beads, a smooth dragonwood ring wound with a thin strand of dragonfire amber, an albredine crystal ring, an anlora-avtoma ambassador's ring and some high-heeled firesilk slippers.

You see Lord General Leucius Delarrazio, Peace Keeper of the Ilithi Court, a Human. Leucius has a proud yet hardened warrior's face with chiseled jawline and deep smile lines around his eyelids, piercing viridian eyes and a straight, angular nose. His frost-white hair is long and thick, and is worn loose. He has deeply tanned skin and a rough yet regal muscular body with a powerful build. He is tall for a Human. He is mature for a Human. He is in good shape.

He is wearing a fragile black diamond rose, a jade scorpion medallion, a yellow-tufted boobrie charm, an elegant black gentleman's greatcloak, a gold Court insignia, an exquisite nightsilk bundle, a brushed black velvet doublet with ebonwood buttons, a brushed silver armband engraved with a large jade glaysker flower, a blackened steel bracer etched with the insignia of the Ilithi Night Watch, a jade scorpion bracelet, an albredine crystal ring, a polished platinum promise ring bearing a dazzling shield-cut ruby, a rich black sash of soft nightsilk dotted by dozens of tiny teardrop diamonds, some crisp black trousers cut to fit around a boot and some formal black leather boots.

You see Theurgist Liurilias Chricha'rure, Inquisitor of Ilithi, a Prydaen. Liurilias has a square face, tufted ears and cat-slitted sparkling crystal blue eyes. His silver mane is long and thick, and is worn in a simple, loose style. He has tawny fur with a white belly and silvered black rosettes, a slender tufted tail and a wiry build. He is a bit over average height for a Prydaen. He is young for a Prydaen. A luminous orb of coruscating rainbowed light hovers like a will-o-wisp, following him diligently. He is in good shape.

He is wearing a dark grey steelsilk cloak lined with a stark white interior, a velver skeleton, a black firecat skin backpack with knotted gut drawstrings, some shalswar claw handwraps, a silver and red quartz ring, a blackened steel devotion band showcasing a trillion-cut summer's heart sapphire, an albredine crystal ring, a thin animite band prominently displaying a small banded yellow citrine and some germish'din hide footwraps.

You see Ysselt Ja'Haadraan of Elanthia, an Elf. Ysselt has an oval face with elegant arched eyebrows, pointed ears, almond-shaped jade eyes and a classical nose. Her red-gold-streaked blue-black hair is very long and thick, and is worn braided in an intricate arrangement of twisted loops, all held in place by a chocolate cloisonne steel kingsnake. She has pale skin and a lithe figure. She is short for an Elf. She is adult for an Elf.

She has a tattoo of a king snake twining around her right forearm down to her wrist. A labyrinthine pattern of tiny vela'tohr blossoms forms the serpent's body, each scale alternating between blue-black and silvery white. The ink slithers across both hand and palm before wending its way to the tip of the ring finger on her hand. She is in good shape.

She is wearing a pair of small lazurite hoops, a thin silver necklace with a pendant displaying a large cobalt jade, a split-front butterscotch brocade gown layered over a chocolate silk underdress, an albredine crystal ring, a wide platinum wedding band set with a rose-cut serpent's heart ruby and a pair of fine leather sandals with crisscrossing straps.

You see Malzard Miakainyuso, Prophet of the Ilithi Court, an Elothean Moon Mage. Malzard has an angular face with frown lines around his mouth and tilted almond-shaped steely grey eyes. His grey hair is shoulder length and curly, and is worn unkempt. He has weathered skin. He is very tall for an Elothean. Some starfire topazes masterfully carved to form several astrological symbols float lazily around his right hand, glowing with a lustrous sheen against his skin. He is in his prime for an Elothean. He has a long narrow mustache that droops to either side of the mouth on his upper lip and a long thin beard. He is in good shape.

He is wearing a slim ebon silk turban adorned with a faceted sunstone, a mist-filled crystal globe hanging from a fine gold chain, an elegant Elothean silk robe of deep amber cinched with a triple-wrapped sash, a black leather bracelet entwined with jade beads, a wide silver ring embedded with slivers of Ilithi emerald, a heavy silver bracer set with a round cut Nature's Canopy emerald, a dark grey spidersilk haversack shot through with oddly-arranged geometric shapes and some leather traveler's sandals with silk thongs.

Aemmin says, "Many dead. Far too many, although our losses were mitigated somewhat by the vigilence of our people." Keladra says to Kyenchiro, "Even the absinthe is yellow." Leucius says, "I thought we stood in there pretty good." Leucius says, "Granted I'm a bit biased." Katralyn says, "It was hard fought on all levels, and the victory, though bittersweet, did come from combined efforts." Malzard says, "The gates were completed just in time to avoid the masses of that final push." Sendithu says to Malzard, "Very true, I am thankful for that." Aemmin says, "They were, yes. It was fortunate timing." Aemmin says to Katralyn, "We paid a high price for victory, but there was no other way." Katralyn says, "Absolutely, Your Grace." Netherlich says, "I am." Vethine says, "I am merely stealing all the thirsty looks." Sendithu says, "Nothing worth having is sold cheaply, I am afraid." Aemmin says, "It will be a long time before we recover our losses, in any case." Leucius says, "There were." Netherlich says, "I need some of those pillows." Aemmin says, "The Handmaiden was a terrible loss. She will be missed." Vethine asks Aemmin, "Have you plans to erect a memorial?" Ryain says, "To the death of lyras." Aemmin says, "There will be a memorial, yes." Liurilias says, "Excellent." Sendithu says, "Oh, that is lovely news, Your Grace. We were just discussing that last night with the Tribune." Vethine says to Aemmin, "Please let us know if we can provide any support in such an endeavor." Vethine says to you, "I have a beverage, but thank you for the thought, Celitha." Tsarenzi asks Bryoni, "Not going to have a drunken shadow servant on our hands, yes?" Kyrse softly says, "Be easy on it though, I be sure you both want te have energy left fer the night after the ball." Leucius says, "I could see where that might be an issue." Khash says to Estell, "Wow you hitting the hard stuff so soon."

Landros quietly asks Katralyn, "Shouldn't we be... dancing? Isn't that what people do at a ball?" Desciare says to Silvyrfrost in Ilithic, "You are looking as lovely as ever, my lady. Your gown is breathtaking." Leucius says, "Rumor has it." Katralyn says, "If the dancing has begun, yes, my dear." Marssi says, "I seem to keep finding drinks." Rheeni asks, "Hunt?" Markios asks, "Dance optional?" Kyrse softly says to Estell, "It must be difficult singing before this many..." Serynna says, "Maybe." Moika says, "I not have dance partner." Silvyrfrost says to Desciare in Ilithic, "My thanks, indeed." Khash says to Estell, "Come on silvyrfrost would love to hear a song from you." Desciare asks Silvyrfrost in Ilithic, "If I might be so bold?"

Rainea says to Taleek, "I am going to go socialize. I'll be back. Don't know how long, depends on how good the socializing is."

You ask Silvyrfrost, "How is the wine?" Markios says, "Our friend is good." Moika asks, "Is maybe part of being tog?" Silvyrfrost says in Ilithic, "It is lovely, indeed." Silvyrfrost says, "It's a lovely wine." Rheeni asks Moika, "Perhaps?" Silvyrfrost says, "Very delicate." Rheeni says to Moika, "Thank you." Aemmin says, "It is a good wine, yes. The Handmaiden would have enjoyed it." Leucius says, "Have to watch those twelve headed monsters." Leucius says, "Well done."

Bryoni says to Moika, "Feel free to run off with her if ya want." Markios says, "Well find a place." Katralyn says, "It sure is a crush of people near the host of this fine event." Rheeni asks Bryoni, "Couldn't be more forthcoming, could we?" Bryoni says to Rheeni, "When have you known me to be subtle." Moika asks Bryoni, "Would you like to dance?" Vethine says, "Her Highness has been so very strong." Rheeni says to Bryoni, "True." Rheeni says to Bryoni, "I'll hold your drink." Leucius says, "It's right through the doors." Landros exclaims, "There are doors everywhere!" Aemmin says to Leucius, "Interesting choice of wear for fulfilling the color requirements." Leucius says, "I went with a neutral color with shades of what they were looking for." Leucius says, "I was in fear of looking like a giant banana." Desciare asks, "Do you have any idea how difficult it is to find mens garments in these colors?" Sendithu asks Liurilias, "Where is our little pineapple, Jairem?" Moika asks Rheeni, "It seems you friend does not want to dance, would you join me for another dance, m'lady?" Vethine says, "I thought he was a coconut." Liurilias says to Sendithu, "I was wondering the same." Leucius says, "This was the hardest one for me yet." Leucius says, "Well nut sure fits..." Moika says, "I had to spend three days in front of a mirror to say that right." Sendithu says, "He only has about fifteen outfits put together for this, I am surprised he skipped it." Vethine asks, "Did Xelten wear his skirt?" Leucius asks, "Fifteen?" Desciare says, "I had to travel all the way to Muspar'i for this coat. If that isn't dedication to fashion..." Malzard asks Sendithu, "Why was he so prepared?" Vethine says, "I did not look." Rheeni says to Moika, "In that case..." Bryoni asks, "15?" Bryoni says to Leucius, "Fifteen what." Leucius says, "Outfits." Malzard says to Vethine, "I believe he left it at home." Leucius says, "Thankfully for all of us." Vethine says, "Pity. That would have been entertaining." Sendithu says to Malzard, "I have no idea, he got terribly excited." Bryoni says to Leucius, "Oi vey... that would be a hassle." Ayrell softly says, "Perhaps his wife did not wish him wearing her clothes." Aemmin says to Rileos, "Your outfit is quite interesting." Leucius says, "Xeltens knees are not on my want to watch list." Rileos says to Aemmin, "I'm good at clashing." Desciare says, "I feel like the drinks should be centrally located. I fear I'm never leaving this corner of the Keep." Leucius asks, "Is that bad though?" Bryoni says to Desciare, "Hence why I filled up my servant so I can take them with me." Liurilias asks, "Hm?" Desciare says, "The absinthe is absolutely lovely." Bryoni says, "Hmm." Khash says to Rileos, "They cut me off already." Leucius asks, "And is it bad we have spent most the time with the alcohol?" Bryoni says, "Oh my." Aemmin says, "I am not sure gold quite fulfills the yellow requirement." Bryoni says, "I need more of that." Rileos exclaims to Khash, "No! It cannot be!" Vethine says to Leucius, "I thought you were here with me." Desciare says to Aemmin, "Most gold is yellow." Leucius asks, "Hear that?" Liurilias says to Aemmin, "Alas I couldn't find anything closer that would fit properly." Rileos says to Khash, "Alright, you drink off me." Leucius says, "I did." Khash says to Rileos, "Thanks." Rileos says, "That'll keep ya a while." Leucius says, "Mr one peice of jade jewlery is about to try and poke at you." Bryoni says, "Hmmm." Bryoni says, "How rude." Sendithu says to Leucius, "Oh pish, you would have nothing to talk about if you stopped trying to pick on me." Bryoni says to Rheeni, "My servant actually drank them up." Leucius says, "Bah, no callimg me out." Leucius says, "I'm devoid of good comebacks." Malzard says to Leucius, "A few bad ones might be amusing for us." Sendithu says to Leucius, "Just remember, you wanted to work with me. I took notes of all the nice things you said about me." Rheeni says to Bryoni, "Maybe you need to give him more." Rileos exclaims to Aryanea, "You're getting drunk!" Leucius says, "I don't even have Craxor to shift blame at." Rheeni says to Bryoni, "Until he's had his fill, then store some away for yourself." Leucius says, "I'm really at a loss." Leucius says, "I can blame Celitha I suppose." Rileos quietly says, "That was dumb." Aemmin says, "I believe I will go see the princess." Sendithu says to Liurilias, "You should have heard him, my love. He practically glowed when he talked about me up there." Leucius says, "Ah." Leucius says, "We will accompany you." Leucius says, "If you don't mind of course." Leucius asks, "Would you like to lead or would you prefer me to get us all there eventually?"

Bryoni says, "Won't give em back." Rheeni asks Bryoni, "Did they restrict you from the sideboard already?" Qij says, "Paaahtayyy." Desciare exclaims, "Eyuve!" Aemmin says, "Thariis." Aemmin says, "We are about to see the Princess." Leucius says, "See? eventually I get it." Thariis says, "Oh, that sounds nice." Leucius says, "Hello Again." Sendithu says to Leucius, "I did not doubt you." Arteal says, "Oh thats good news, yes congrats." Arteal says, "Pardon us a moment." Devish says, "She thought I would never ask."

Ryshassa says to Aemmin, "Good evening to you, Ferdahl." Ryain asks, "A year?" Ryain asks, "You hid him for a year?" Aemmin says, "Good evening, everyone." Devish says, "We each still do our own thing." Arandrowse calmly says, "Good evening Ferdahl Aemmin." Devish haggardly asks, "Where in the livin' hell can a man get a drink around these here parts?" Katralyn says, "Pardon." Vethine says, "We were just at the drink station, I believe." Vethine says, "Though I regret that I am not terribly good with directions." Desciare says to Caiomhe in Ilithic, "It seems a shame to hide yourself behind that mask." Devish says, "Ow." Shaydee says, "Look what I started." Caiomhe says to Desciare in Ilithic, "There are so many people about." Leucius says, "How nice." Marsais says, "Hm, not very... manly." Desciare says in Ilithic, "Humans..." Gyfford says, "Thank you." Chabelle says, "Most welcome." Arilana says, "Yes, General, they have been, but it is time for them to return to their home." Iskhhr asks Zukir, "Do you believe it to still remain unsafe?" Anzure asks Arilana, "M'lady may i receive you blessings?" Arilana asks, "My blessings?" Zukir says, "There are hooligans everywhere." Zukir says, "The island is safest." Aeviona asks Arilana, "Which island are they on? I know that Aesry has a lovely school, although they are still too young to attend, yes?" Gyfford asks, "Hooligans?" Hewl quietly says, "I saw a hooligan in the library messing with the books..." Chabelle says to Zukir, "But I'm being on my best behaviour, I swear." Alacron says, "And riffraff." Anabel says, "Okay I was just trying to read it." Rallyne says to Chabelle, "Im quite proud of you too." Arilana says, "Aemmin, how good to see you." Lyathe softly says to Chabelle, "Still should do the chains." Ryain says, "That's the riffraff calling the riffraff black if I've ever seen it." Arilana says, "The children are on Andreshlew." Myerelle says, "Oops." Aemmin says, "It is good to see you again, Arilana." Aeviona says, "Oooh. That island." Iskhhr says to Zukir, "Hooliganism is a considerable improvement from walking corpses. I am in agreement with your caution, however." Ysselt asks Arilana, "They are about six, Your Higness, correct?" Arilana says, "They are, though tall for their age." Alacron says, "Oh, that's a fun age." Ysselt says, "A rambunctous age." Aemmin says to Arilana, "I hope that you recieved the gift that I had sent. And for the children." Zukir says, "I'll happily agree to that." Zukir says, "You there." Arilana says, "I do, of course, and many thanks." Kaylor says to Malzard, "It is good to see you again." Malzard asks Zukir, "Yes, sir?" Aemmin says, "I hear that they are in good health." Zukir says to Malzard, "Well done." Nithhogr says to Gyfford, "Ahh I see got the wine to you already." Francelia says to Mordibar, "Hello there." Vethine says to Arilana, "Thank you for inviting us into your home, Highness." Gyfford says, "Yes and thank you for checking." Mordibar says to Francelia, "Good to see you." Nithhogr says, "Took me a while to find the bar." Zukir says to Malzard, "Regardless of your overall role, you finished It. You've my thanks and appreciation." Arilana says, "Of course." Malzard says to Zukir, "Thank you, Sir. But it was your late Prince who was truly inspired. His example gave us all the courage to see it through to her end." Leucius says, "He is a tad too modest." Shaydee says to Barola, "Told ya." Barola asks Shaydee, "What?" Shaydee says to Barola, "He'd never accept it." Barola asks Shaydee, "Does he know you?" Talliska asks Takaeda, "Find any food yet?" Aemmin says, "I regret that I cannot stay long, but I wished to see you and offer my sincerest wishes of good fortune to you." Shaydee says to Barola, "Doubtful I was not there during the disaster." Phii says to Ysselt, "I wish we had some great leader from Qi here." Arilana asks, "It is good that you could come. It is a time of rebuilding from all fronts, eh?" Ysselt says to Phii, "You're here, that will have to do." Leucius asks, "You are from Qi right?" Leucius says, "You win." Zukir says, "Building being the operative word." Barola says, "Great is relative." Barola says, "So is leader." Ysselt says to Leucius, "Mmhm." Leucius says, "Everything is relative." Phii says, "Trying to control anything in Qi is like trying to herd cats." Aemmin says, "It is a time for healing, more than anything else." Barola says, "Yeah and everything is near water." Arourra says to Leucius, "She has always been quick with her words." Shaydee asks Zukir, "Thought you were better at tearing down than building?" Gyfford says, "Yes for everyone." Arilana says, "Healing comes from many quarters." Leucius says, "That is a good trait, mostly." Yasminna says, "Hello." Trinean says to Phii, "The families do an excellent job of controlling their respective spheres." Zukir says to Shaydee, "If it deserves tearing down. Absolutely." Iskhhr says to Shaydee, "A warrior must do both in his life." Aemmin says, "Healing and rebuilding what has been lost." Shaydee says to Zukir, "Whether it deserved it is a matter of opinion." Shaydee sarcastically says to Zukir, "Sir." Trinean says to Phii, "Not their fault that so many of the tourists are nutty." Shaydee says to Barola, "Lets go dance." Arilana says, "And blessings on your journey to honor the alters." Hewl says, "Yay, dancing." Zukir asks Shaydee, "Is there something I might help you with?" Anzure says to Arilana, "Thank you, M'lady." Shaydee says to Zukir, "Nope." Zukir says to Shaydee, "Please, step right this way and we can discuss it." Iskhhr says to Shaydee something in S'Kra. Zukir says to Shaydee, "I'll be happy to go over my opinions on the matter." Shaydee says to Zukir, "I wouldn't dream of tearing down her majesties event." Gyfford asks, "There is a paroblem with someone who came with me?" Barola says, "No, your grace." Shaydee asks Zukir, "With words or a sword?" Anzure says to Arilana, "Thank you very kindly for inviting us to home. M'lady." Gyfford says, "I should hope not." Arilana says, "Of course." Phii says to Ysselt, "You look purdy." Arthrun says to Zukir, "I don't think she liked you." Ysselt says to Phii, "Well, thank you. You look, ah. Pleasant." Cyiarriah asks, "What?" Arthrun says, "Uh oh." Gyfford says, "That man is rather angry." Callahaan says to Cyiarriah, "I think he left the princess to you.." Gridaksma asks Kattena, "Shall we find us another dance?" Nithhogr asks Darkskye, "Hmm?" Malzard says to Thariis, "I apologize for Leucius running off without you." Maireann softly says, "Not a good idea to anger the General..." Xelten says to Gyfford, "Ah, a pleasure to see you, Your Grace. I hope your darling wife is well." Ysselt says to Phii, "Very practical. For summer." Thariis says to Malzard, "Oh it's alright. I'm enjoying this yellow drink." Leucius says, "It's always wearing a plate helm." Leucius says, "Make me half blind." Aemmin says, "Thank you again for your invitation." Gyfford says, "You will not adress me again." Arilana says, "I hope we can meet soon about those matters." Leucius says, "Oh gads." Phii says, "Indeed. I find courtly footing to be slippery." Malzard says to Thariis, "I am going to forego the drinks this evening, I think." Phii says, "Be prepared." Gyfford says, "Or I will call in my debt of honor I owe you." Arilana says, "In a more informal setting." Aemmin says, "Indeed." Leucius says, "And I was about to say all our folks were doing so well." Xelten says, "I am sure we would not wish you to tarnish your soul and the hospitality of Her Highness. Forgive me." Arilana says, "This is not the place." Qij quietly says to himself, "No dancin in your dress clothes." Qij quietly says, "But I really wanna." Qij quietly says to himself, "Just DONT." Qij quietly says to himself, "You're gonna embarrass me." Leucius asks, "And you wonder why I question your sense of timing?" Gyfford says, "Then perhaps he needs o remember not speak to his betters." Trinean says, "You'll be fine, Qijes." Demaris says, "Take care." Arilana says, "Thank you, Baron." Phii says to Ysselt, "Unfortunate alfar avenger accident. Manifested inward." Firegard says, "Cyiarriah, I'm sure it was an oversight, but if you would kindly sheath your scimitar. You aer a a Ball." Gyfford says, "I apologize lady , but common murderers anger me." Cyiarriah says, "I'd rather not." Rileos says, "Wait, go back." Joshuan says, "My apologies for acting in your stead Gyfford... I figured taking away his ability to flap his gums for awhile was better than staining the floors..." Joshuan says, "Baron Gyfford." Paschein says, "There is dancing in the ballroom, food in the dining room for those guests who are hungry." Gyfford says, "It is fine but her highness is correct this is not the place." Drexella says to Sebestyen, "Thank you for the dance." Nithhogr asks Gyfford, "Another glass of wine, your Grace?" Gyfford says, "Please." Joshuan asks, "Shall we have a dance dear?" Sebestyen says to Drexella, "Always my pleasure." Joshuan says, "How was the trip up Leucius." Aemmin says, "Those that wish to linger longer, please feel free to do so, but I am heading back home." Taleek says, "We will see you home your Grace." Aemmin says, "Thank you." Joshuan says, "I apologize your Grace but I did not see you there." Vethine says, "As if that is an excuse for your base behavior." Vethine says, "You are in the Princess' home." Joshuan says, "And goading the Baron into a fight is oh so much better I suppose... I don't answer to you Vethine." Kyodan asks Aemmin, "Pardon for bothering you your Grace but I was wondering, since Lyras has been defeated will you be reopening the border to Shard?" Aemmin says to Liurilias, "I am... having trouble, dealing with her loss. It was unexpected." Aguisian says, "Oh dear. So many people." Vethine says to Joshuan, "Not to me, no." Rainea says, "Good to see you again, m'lord." Aguisian says, "I'd forgotten how busy this place can get." Driscoll says to Aguisian, "'ello 'ello." Aguisian exclaims, "I'm hardly a lord, little one!" Aguisian says, "Just a pale excuse for a scribe." Malzard says to Aemmin, "We are prepared, at your will." Vethine says to Joshuan, "But I will remember your face and your brutality, and you will not be forgotten." Thariis says to Kyodan, "No business please." Kyodan says, "I'm sorry I was not aware that it was a taboo topic." Rainea says, "I give credit where credit is due." Driscoll asks Aguisian, "Beggin' your pardon but where'sa grub at?" Kyodan says, "I didnt think of it as business my appologies." Aguisian says, "Probably in the dining room." Malzard says to Aemmin, "We will need to move outside the Keep and away from the wards in this area." Aguisian says, "East side of the keep." Joshuan says, "My "brutality" stopped your kinsman from being slain." Aemmin says, "In a moment." Joshuan says, "Perhaps you should remember that Vethine." Rainea asks, "Have you been painting much lately?" Katralyn says, "Joshuan..." Vethine says, "Perhaps you should not speak of what you do not know, otherwise you risk sounding unintelligent." Aguisian says, "I'm nearly finished with my latest piece." Vethine says to Joshuan, "Oh wait. Too late." Aguisian says, "Three whole colors this time." Malzard says to Aguisian, "Three? Madness...." Rainea asks, "Oh yea? Can you give us a teaser? Or do we have to wait till you reopen your shop?" Aemmin says, "Fascinating." Aguisian says, "I'm hoping to get it placed in the gallery." Aguisian says, "I've got them confused with some other artist already.. so I might as well try to confuse them some more." Aguisian says, "Rather, they've got ME confused with some other artist." Joshuan says, "Your words will be taken into consideration Vethine, but Xelten was attempting to goad the Baron... I thought this was better than a fight in front of the Princess." Rainea says, "That should be sacrilage." Aemmin says to Aguisian, "I regret that we cannot stay longer, but we are heading out early." Aguisian says, "Fight? Oh dear. Blood is not good." Vethine asks, "Am I mistaken, or were you not part of the company that was banned from Therengia?" Xelten says, "A fight? Oh dear indeed." Vethine asks, "Why do you have such a vested interest in the Baron's well-being now?" Aguisian says, "Oh, if you will excuse me... I don't do well..." Vethine says, "Puzzling, indeed." Joshuan says, "I have sworn off all contact with that group and am now part of one that recently fought to help Ain Ghazal and all of the land..." Joshuan says, "I have been in court with the Baron and not removed." Sortny says, "She left." Xelten says, "A bit late, lad. She is gone." Silvwyn says, "Probably couldn't wait to get away." Gridaksma asks you, "M'lady Celitha May I steal you away from your date for a dance?" You say, "I ..." You say, "The Ferdahl needs us." Vethine says, "Where is Celitha when I need a cup of tea." Vethine exclaims, "Aha!" Sendithu says, "Oh look." Vethine says, "She read my mind." Liurilias says, "A Gate has been prepared, yes." Vethine says, "A valuable, or dangerous, asset." Vethine says to Thariis, "Do join." Thariis asks, "Are we going for more drinks?" Aemmin says, "We are leaving. You may stay if you wish, Thariis." Thariis says, "Oh no. I'm very tired." Rainea says, "I do not do very well in crowds that large." Malzard says, "This will do." Aemmin says, "I do worse in them."

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