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Re: Innateness of Magic · on 12/10/2014 03:01 PM CST 3628
>>How innate to the animal world is the ability to manipulate mana?

Our general point of view is a pretty typical one in fantasy literature: real-life animals are incapable of anything like this, but fantastical animals can possibly qualify. It is totally possible for a sub-sapient creature to have a magical ability.

Ultimately magic is "force of will + specific attention + mana" any entity that can meet all three conditions can theoretically do magic. Attunement is specifically how embodied Elanthians (read: people and magic dogs and stuff) do it, and does not necessarily reflect what's going on with, say, a Shadowmaster at the physical level.

>>Has there ever been a recorded instance where a person was able to switch mana types, such as after major brain trauma or similar?

I don't want to spell out a specific yae/nae to this, but I will say there's one glaring hint about if it's possible in-game already.


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