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Re: Increasing the Level Cap · on 04/03/2012 03:18 PM CDT 2692
>>[Predictions] hardcap at 30% of base ranks, yes.

Actually that's a soft cap (A hard cap would be "X ranks" not "% of ranks") but it's more or less accurate.

>>Getting an actual prediction of 525 ranks might be beyond the Prediction system's values for bonusing a skill.

This is well beyond the prediction system's abilities.

>>Just because something doesn't look broken on the front end doesn't mean it isn't broken on the back end or even somewhere on the front end that we can't see or haven't seen yet.

Correct. It's my understanding (I wasn't one of the GMs dealing with it directly) that TF has already broken several systems due to roll over issues. I want to say that communes were responsible for one of the worst cases of it.

>>I mean, If you get a bonus that puts your effective ranks over 2147, could you put a line of code to bring the effective rank back down to 2147?

Due to the way DR's code works that is... non trivial. Otherwise you would have seen more uniform caps put in places years and years ago across the board.

>>Don't predictions give a 30% rank bonus? Not a 30% modifier to attacks or something like dragon dance does, but an actual rank bonus?

These are the same thing.

It's also worth noting that (particularly in combat 2.0) many systems are old and assuming we're using skills that scaled to like 100 ranks, max. They casually threw around modifiers of 50%... 70%, maybe even more. That's a large part of why you see so much wonkiness at high levels of combat. Also why lunge gets you killed so dead.


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