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Re:Hunting Area Updates - 1 · on 07/12/2019 08:10 458
>Will critter special attacks (especially those that bypass skill checks) be part of this this review?

Not making any promises, but if a critter is otherwise on my radar, I'll be considering special attacks. Xala'shar, for example, are currently approved for a review. No ETA, it'll take some time.

>Was the data collected from the critter survey useful? Would it be possible to share that with the greater community?

It was / is, yes. I'm not comfortable sharing it since some folks submitted names and may not want them publicly shared. I've also made a utility in game to help me identify areas that are overcrowded, or too large, and a few other points of interest -- I run it periodically to capture snapshots at different times on different days. The original survey + my tool is what led to this first batch of projects.

Speaking of, here's a preview of the other projects that were approved for this first batch. No ETA -- I'm working on them as I'm able, and the ones involving code updates will take longer because they also need QCs. They'll be released when ready, with their own announcements. #s at the end are their creature level as evaluated by GM tools.

In no particular order:
1) Adan'f blademasters + sorcerors are in the works -- existing Adan'f area will be halved, top half for existing low-level, bottom half for these new guys. 188-192.
2) Swamp ghouls in a new Ker'Leor area. 178-182.
3) Re-map of the trollkin/badger/pothanit area to make room for scavenger giants (similar to sky giants). 182-188.
4) Jeol Moradu are coming back, beefier than before and with more spells. 172-178.
5) Xala'shar are all having their special attacks reviewed and put on a standard system.
6) Deadfall (I think) area of vipers/leucros is being shrunk/partitioned to make room for a bearded seordmaor. 189-195.


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