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Here is a log of the event in which I met Ithna, one of the three leaders of the House of the Rowan Branch. I might have met one or two more leaders, but it took me a fair amount of time to find and edit this log so if you want others... bribe me. Or at least say thank you or something. :)


[Shard, The New South Bridge] Under the light from the lampposts, wagons come and go, usually arriving loaded and leaving empty. Many a merchant schedules shipments to arrive at night, when the traffic is light, interruptions are few, and the authorities will not mind if the bridge is blocked for a few minutes. You also see a silk-draped cart with several things on it and a tin-roofed wooden caravan. Also here: Stargazer Mistanna, Ashtarsi, Friar Gromnir, Ranger Arandrowse, Sainyuso Neineloa Fyearik'a Ithna and Celestian Veraise.

Obvious paths: north, east, south, west.

You nod politely.

You see Ashtarsi Moramaki of the House of the Rowan Branch, an Elothean. Ashtarsi has an oval face, almond-shaped black eyes and a freckled nose. Her ginger hair is shoulder length and thick, and is worn in a simple, loose style. She has fair skin and a lean figure. She is tiny for an Elothean. She appears to be an adult. She is in good shape.

She is wearing a lumium legionnaire's shield set with mottled ruddy black verenite, a charcoal-black balaclava meshed with large metallic red scales, a lumium ring hauberk, an ornate platinum brooch set with an orichalcum icosahedron, a pair of jade and tyrium hairsticks, a thin iron choker with a wispy green spiritgem clasped by a small dragon claw, a supple leather baldric with bronze fittings, an elegant nightweaver silk backpack set with a platinum spider clasp, a blue-violet watersilk kimono with a rich bluefire velvet under-robe, a bent copper ring engraved with the Estate Holder's crest, an intricate silversteel shesegri ring interspersed with pale green svelae flecks, a vermilion and alabaster raw silk sash tied with an intricate knot, a carved burlwood sheath draped with shimmering firesilk ties, a swamp-green sluagh skull, an iron lockpick ring, a walnut herbal case elegantly branded with a single silver rose labeled "body parts", an etched steel parry stick with black leather straps and a blood-stained trapper's duffel bag.

You say to Gromnir, "Good evening, Father."

You see Sainyuso Neineloa Fyearik'a Ithna Avoinasako of the House of the Rowan Branch, an Elothean Cleric. Ithna has tilted almond-shaped stormy grey eyes. Her silver-gilt hair is very long and curly, and is worn tied back. She has pale skin. She appears to be in her prime. She is in good shape.

She is wearing a simple silverwillow hairstick tipped with a polished sapphire, a pale silk brocade robe tied with a dark charcoal sash, an intricate silverwillow shesegri ring interwoven with silk threads, a silk brocade pouch, a dark grey silk under-robe and a pair of satin slippers.

Ithna says to Arandrowse, "Ah, you are from the tent people nearby. I should have known, from the lingering smell of horse. It is a good, peaceful work your people do."

Ithna nods approvingly at Arandrowse.

Arandrowse ponders.

Arandrowse sniffs the air around him.

Gromnir says to you, "Good evening, what. How do you do, Ms Navesi? We have chanced upon the leader of the Rowan Branch, Ms Ithna."

(Gromnir gestures at Ithna.)

Arandrowse says, "I seem to smell of Nightshade."

You say, "Oh, excuse me."

Gromnir frowns at Arandrowse.

You nod politely to Ithna.

Gromnir exclaims, "Poison!"

Ithna gives you a courteous nod.

Arandrowse says, "And far to much of the city for what my people would like."

You say to Ithna, "At your service. A pleasure to meet you."

Ithna says to Arandrowse, "Nightshade? I suppose you must be used to the smell by now. It is of no matter."

Ithna says to you, "It is nice to meet you as well. Navesi? An interesting name. I enjoy the way it flows on the tongue."

Arandrowse says, "Yes my girlfriend, well she seems to like the aroma, so, well between me being near her, or her things..."

Arandrowse says, "Well it started to linger around me too."

Ithna nods to Arandrowse.

You say to Ithna, "Thank you. Its sounds are typical of Gorbesh."

Gromnir exclaims, "A girlfriend!"

Ashtarsi sniffs at Arandrowse.

Ithna asks, "Ah, Ashtarsi. Did you think you could hide from me, being so quiet?"

Ithna smiles at Ashtarsi.

Ashtarsi nods.

Ithna says, "It is well to see one of the House out and enjoying the faire."

Ashtarsi says, "Some very fine items to peruse."

Ithna nods in agreement.

Ithna asks Veraise, "And you, ah.. Veraise? You claim no House, was this correct?"

Ithna asks, "Have you been turned out from one?"

Ithna gazes thoughtfully at Veraise.

Veraise flashes a quick grin.

Veraise says, "I have yet to choose one."

You ask Ithna, "Is it not the case that some Elotheans choose never to join?"

You say, "Senka'i neir, if I recall my studies correctly."

Ithna says, "Some never choose, or some are expulsed from the ones they are born into."

Ithna nods to you.

You give a slight nod.

You ask, "How common is it, never to choose?"

You say, "If I may ask."

Ithna gazes thoughtfully at Veraise.

Ithna says, "I think too common than it used to be."

Ithna nods to you.

Gromnir says, "What is the House of the Rowan Branch, then? The multudinous houses of Ilithi has always baffled me."

You say, "But still a small percentage, I take it? Forgive me, I am trying to learn more of Elothean ways during the Faire."

Ithna says, "I shouldn't be so pushy about it, really. Each of us surely feel our House is the best for those we find unattached."

Ashtarsi takes a sip of her tea.

Ithna begins chortling at Gromnir.

Ithna nods to you.

You nod to Gromnir.

You say to Gromnir, "I too would like to hear of it."

Veraise smiles at Ithna.

Ithna says, "For the most part, Elotheans sequester themselves within a House that fits them. A House is more than just a way of life, it very much reveals something of who you truly are."

Ithna says, "The Rowan Branch.. we are a bit different from the other Houses, I think."

Gromnir absentmindedly rubs his shark's teeth, deep in thought.

Ithna says, "We are led by three, rather than just one or a couple."

Gromnir nods to Ithna.

Ithna says to you, "One male, one female, and one eunuch."

Lieutenant Starlear just arrived, leading his group.

You nod to Ithna.

Starlear gives a courteous nod and tips his helm politely.

You smile at Starlear.

Mistanna smiles at Starlear.

Gromnir says, "Eunuchs! Lovely."

Ashtarsi takes a sip of her tea.

Starlear blinks at Gromnir, shaking his head in exasperation before resting his face in the palm of his hand. Ouch.

Casserah glances at Gromnir.

Veraise stares blankly into the distance.

Ithna says, "It aids in our purpose of serving as a religious asylum or sorts. And we often take in lost souls."

Gromnir says, "What? It is has been tested and found to be correct that they prove to be the best of bureaucrats."

Ithna asks Gromnir, "You find them lovely?"

Starlear chuckles.

Gromnir says to Ithna, "They are free of worldly distractions, what? There are many admirable things about eunuchs."

Starlear asks Casserah, "You didn't save any of that popcorn, did you?"

Casserah shakes her head.

Ithna laughs!

Gromnir says, "What is this one's role in your house? I am very curious."

Casserah says, "There."

Starlear says, "It'll do."

Arandrowse asks Ithna, "I know I'm stirring in a vastly different direction, but have you heard of Bowmaster Renshear Shapan'geur of the House of the Gilded Longleaf?"

Starlear says, "He's that guy."

Ithna cocks her head at Arandrowse.

Ithna says, "I have heard of the man, but I do not know him personally."

Arandrowse nods to Ithna.

Arandrowse says, "Just was hoping perhaps for some information on what fell him."

Ithna says, "I do not have that information for you."

Arandrowse says to Ithna, "Sorry, for my digression."

Gromnir says, "Visit his grave, you may discover more."

Arandrowse asks Gromnir, "Where perchance is his grave?"

Casserah says, "Perhaps it would be best to ask someone from that House."

Ashtarsi takes a sip of her tea.

Ithna chortles softly at some secret joke.

Gromnir says to Arandrowse, "Burial at sea, I'm afraid."

Arandrowse glances at Gromnir.

Arandrowse says to Gromnir, "I'll have to agree to disagree."

Gromnir shrugs.

Ithna says, "Now, as to what I do within the House..."

(Gromnir turns back to Ithna.)

Ithna says, "I am the female leader. Primarily, I stand over those who pledge to join, ensuring that they keep their vow of silence."

Ashtarsi nods.

Ithna says, "Often, the triad will exchange duties, but it is perhaps best that we stick to what we do best."

Ithna affects a slight shrug.

You ask, "What are the duties of the other two?"

Dianelle asks Starlear, "Can you imagine me trying to get through a year of silence?"

Dianelle ducks her head.

Casserah grins at Dianelle.

Gromnir exclaims to Dianelle, "You would not be a good candidate then, I ween!"

Ithna says to you, "I'm afraid it would be improper of me to speak of them without their presence."

Casserah says, "Yes. And it's hilarious."

Casserah chortles softly at some secret joke.

Gromnir frowns.

Arandrowse asks Ithna, "Now what do you do best?"

Ithna cocks her head at Arandrowse.

Gromnir says, "Perhaps you can expound then upon the duties you all share, without getting into specifics on each of the triune."

Gromnir smiles.

Ithna says, "I ensure that the pledges keep their vows. When they do not, they are left to the will of the gods."

Ithna says, "Very few of them live through such."

Arandrowse ponders.

Arandrowse nods.

Gromnir quietly says to you, "Chief Whip."

Ashtarsi takes a sip of her tea.

You give Gromnir a slight nod.

(Gromnir nods thoughtfully.)

Ithna says, "But of course, we subject our members to the same if they are disloyal to the House."

Ithna smiles.

You ask Ithna, "What are the foremost values of your House?"

Ashtarsi asks, "Perhaps you might explain what the 'will of the gods' involves?"

Ithna nods to Ashtarsi.

Ithna says, "A good point, Ashtarsi."

Ithna says to you, "Our foremost values are caring for the lost souls, the ones that have lost their way and must be brought back within the fold of the Gods' embrace. We have other purposes, but I feel this is the strongest for myself."

You nod to Ithna.

(Gromnir nods approvingly.)

Arandrowse asks Ithna, "And which god or goddess do you feel has chosen you?"

Ithna says to Arandrowse, "All of them."

Ithna says, "If I were not so chosen, I would not be one of the triad."

You ask Ithna, "Do you read more closely on one than the others?"

Gromnir frowns at you.

Arandrowse asks Ashtarsi, "And you?"

Ithna shakes her head at you.

Gromnir exclaims, "She already said, God bless her!"

Ithna says, "To explain the will of the gods as Ashtarsi suggested.. Hmm."

Ashtarsi whispers something to Arandrowse.

You quietly say to Gromnir, "The gods' choice of her and her choice of reading are different questions."

Gromnir says to you, "As Saint Toad said to the people of Jorqa Steppe, "Trust in the will of the God, but tie up your camel."

Ithna says, "When one of our members are disloyal, the triad takes them to a high precipice, a cliff, a ledge. Places that are proper for this. The disloyal one is tied down and left with nothing."

Gromnir quietly exclaims to you, "Unstop your ears!"

Ithna says, "They are left as such for a week, and if they have lived, we accept that the gods have forgiven their transgression, and so shall we. They are restored to the House with their full status at this point."

Ashtarsi shudders.

Arandrowse says to Gromnir, "I have heard of this Saint Toad... however it is only from you."

Gromnir nods to Arandrowse.

Ithna says, "As I said, many do not live."

Gromnir says to Arandrowse, "I am glad that you have heard of him before."

Arandrowse asks Gromnir, "And other then this Saint Toad, are there other Saints you follow?"

You gaze thoughtfully at Ithna.

You ask Ithna, "Would you ever say that they are sustained by the gods?"

Sortny says, "Later."

Ithna says, "There are stories of this happening to the few that lived."

Ithna smiles at you.

Dianelle says, "It would be very difficult to get past the fourth day without water."

You nod to Ithna.

Gromnir says to Arandrowse, "Saint Toad was the pre-eminent messenger of Drogor. There are lesser, more obscure saints that one learns of when they accept the greater mysteries of the church." He adds, "My son."

Ithna nods to Dianelle.

Ithna smiles at Ashtarsi.

Ithna bows to Ashtarsi.

Ashtarsi bows to Ithna.

Ashtarsi glides north.

Arandrowse asks, "The Church?"

Arandrowse asks, "Is this separate then the Temple?"

Gromnir says, "Indeed, but that is for a separate time. The good leader of the Rowan Branch is here to teach of her people."

You ask Ithna, "Would you indulge me in another bit of curiosity about your culture?"

Ithna says to Veraise, "Perhaps I do not make a good case for our House in your eyes today. My House is small, and we have harsh penalties and live in a monastery, but it is good work that makes the soul stronger."

Gromnir smiles and turns back to Ithna.

Ithna says to you, "I will try, ask."

Veraise nods to Ithna.

You ask, "I have spent a very little time on Surlaenis, not enough time to learn more of its history and people. Is there a presence of the Houses there?"

Casserah glances at you.

Veraise says to Ithna, "No, no. This is all quite interesting to me. Your House is the one I know the least about."

Traim just arrived.

Ithna smiles at Veraise.

Ithna nods to Veraise.

Traim nods politely.

Ithna nods politely to Traim.

Arandrowse ponders.

Ithna says to you, "To answer your question, the Houses extend where they must. Our people reside here and Surlaenis'a and have strong footing in other lands as well."

Traim says, "Myself, generally. I imagine she's already been through."

Casserah nods to Traim.

You nod to Ithna.

Ithna says, "The majority of the Houses and leaders, I would say, largely prefer to stay here. Much more comfortable climate."

You say to Ithna, "Thank you."

Arandrowse says to Starlear, "Tell him your expert advice."

Gromnir asks, "Madame, can you perhaps expound upon the inter-House relations if there is any?"

Ithna says, "Perhaps you could elaborate on what sort of relations you are questioning me on."

Ithna gazes at Gromnir.

Gromnir says to Ithna, "Do the Houses work towards a common purpose? Is there cooperation between them on various projects or aims, and so forth. A general question."

Ithna laughs!

Ithna says, "The Houses have worked together to pull together this faire and you ask such a silly question."

Ithna smiles indulgently at Gromnir.

Arandrowse says to Ithna, "I was not aware of that fact, though it makes sense."

Ithna says, "Yes, we work together. Perhaps not always toward a common goal, and perhaps not always willingly, but we do so for the greatness of our race."

Starlear says, "The greater good."

(Gromnir raises an eyebrow. "The full might of the Houses managed to have a few tents set up in Shard? I am asking upon larger things, besides the occasional call to merchants. Ah - Very good.")

Starlear gives a slight nod.

Ithna chortles softly at some secret joke.

Veraise fixes Gromnir with a calm, clear stare.

Ithna asks, "It may look as though it is simply a few tents and some free food to sample upon, but this? This took quite a bit more work than it appears. Trying to convince every one of the leaders to come out and speak?"

Ithna says, "The arguments I endured.."

Gromnir asks, "You will forgive me, but I only just arrived today. Have they then?"

Ithna rubs her temples distractedly.

Traim nods to Casserah.

Ithna smiles.

Ithna nods to Gromnir.

Traim asks, "All of them?"

Traim whistles low.

Gromnir says, "Well, I suppose it is a good thing -- a recruitment drive, what. It is good to know what House one is joining. It keeps down the number of ignorant members."

Ithna says, "I am the last of those that will come out and speak. If others come, they have already come and come again to fraternize."

Ithna laughs!

Mistanna smiles at Ithna.

Ithna says, "It is a happy time when we can bring an unattached Elothean into the fold of our own House."

Arandrowse asks, "I have a more Elothean question if you could perchance give your thoughts on what is sainyuso rolls?"

Ithna says, "Yet, this faire was mainly to educate those not of our race."

Arandrowse taps a bamboo tray of spicy raw tuna sainyuso rolls atop a silk-draped cart.

Arandrowse ponders.

Ithna asks Arandrowse, "You're asking me about rolls now?"

Ithna chortles softly at some secret joke.

Arandrowse says to Ithna, "I want to know more of the Elotheans."

Ithna says, "/drly Clearly."

Arandrowse says to Ithna, "I am sadly under experienced."

Casserah says, "Maybe you should try eating one of the rolls."

Arandrowse says, "I know plenty of people that eat and eat, and they know little of what it was."

Dianelle says, "They're really delicious and healthy."

Veraise says, "I am learning much about the other races from this festival."

Veraise gazes thoughtfully at Arandrowse.

You nod at Dianelle, in complete agreement with her views.

Ithna says, "As am I."

Ithna laughs softly, trying to hide her amusement.

Arandrowse says, "And it is gone in there stomach."

Veraise flashes a quick grin.

You say, "If a little small."

Arandrowse takes a bite of the roll.

You gaze at a bamboo tray of spicy raw tuna sainyuso rolls.

Ithna says, "Sainyuso is Gerenshuge, the name for the Elothean language, for prophet. The rolls are delicious."

Arandrowse says, "It is crisp and slightly salty."

Ithna says, "I hope that answers your question."

Ithna chuckles at Casserah.

Ithna nods to Casserah.

Casserah smiles at Ithna.

Gromnir says to Ithna, "I will have to see what others have heard. I am sure that we are all thankful for the opportunity to treat with the leaders of the Houses. I believe there are many subjects of Her Grace that can benefit of this knowledge."

Ithna whispers something to Casserah.

Arandrowse brushes the surface of his platinum diadem and begins to reel! He clutches his head in pain!

Dannrik asks, "Know anyone who wants a throwing axe?"

Dianelle says, "Not offhand."

Ithna cocks her head at Dannrik.

Traim shakes his head at Dannrik.

Veraise gets a goblet of black suur from inside her steelsilk haversack.

Dannrik says to Ithna, "Vault cleaning."

Ithna asks herself, "Has the faire come to this, hawking out goods in the street?"

Arandrowse says something in Gerenshuge.

Dannrik says, "Not hawking."

Dannrik says, "Giving."

Dannrik rolls his eyes.

Stilva asks Dannrik, "Steel?"

Starlear says, "As long as you don't give it with a toss."

Starlear grins crookedly.

Arandrowse says something in Gerenshuge.

Dannrik gets a silver-inlaid throwing axe from inside his hide satchel.

Traim says, "Courtesy is exiled nowhere, Dannrik."

Dannrik shows Stilva his throwing axe.

Gromnir asks Ithna, "Madame, you said earlier that your members are collected within a monastery. Do you allow outsiders within its walls?"

Stilva says, "Hm, that's quite lovely..."

Stilva ponders.

Arandrowse says something in Haakish.

Ithna says, "Currently, we do not."

Gromnir nods.

Gromnir frowns at Arandrowse.

Ithna glances at Arandrowse.

Arandrowse says something in Haakish.

Ithna says, "Your grasp of my language is paltry at best. Work on your accent, Elf."

(Gromnir looks fascinated.)

Starlear chuckles.

Casserah says, "I think the rest of us would prefer he spoke in Common anyway. I know I would."

Casserah shrugs.

Arandrowse says to Ithna, "I shall continue to work on that."

Ithna nods to Arandrowse.

Arandrowse says, "However for now I shall take a break, it's difficult work, trying to know all the languages."

Ithna appears to be studiously examining the items on a silk-draped cart.

Traim asks Ithna, "How are the Houses' relations with the Mountain, Lady? Varied? Unified?"

(Gromnir scowls at the mention of the mountain.)

Traim asks, "None of my business?"

Traim grins wryly.

Ithna says, "Relations betwixt the Elotheans and the Elves has always been a strained one."

Traim nods.

Ithna says, "We of course, would seek a peaceful resolution in all things."

Starlear nods at Casserah, obviously agreeing with her views.

Ithna says, "Aeloshiia certainly preaches enough of her pacifism for all of us."

Arandrowse says to Ithna, "It may help in your attempts, if you don't see elves as one people but many peoples."

Ithna pinches the bridge of her nose for a moment.

Arandrowse says to Ithna, "Approaching a mountain elf is different then approaching a wind elf."

Arandrowse says to Ithna, "Just a suggestion."

(Gromnir bites his tongue.)

Dianelle says, "I would say usually a Wind Elf is more polite but.."

Ithna says, "You assume, Horse Elf, that I am ignorant of your people and their Clans."

Dianelle gazes up at the sky.

With amazing speed, Casserah strikes Arandrowse in the throat with the edge of her flattened palm. Arandrowse clutches his throat, wheezing pathetically.

Casserah says, "Enough."

Starlear frowns, shaking his head with an expression of exasperation before resting his face in the palm of his hand.

Gromnir exclaims, "Well!"

Traim chuckles.

Ithna takes a sip of her tea.

Starlear hesitantly says, "Lovely weather we're having..."

Starlear flips his hair over one shoulder.

Starlear casually observes the area.

Traim says, "Excuse me all, I'm going to enjoy the sights some."

Ithna says, "This tea is quite good."

Ithna nods politely to Traim.

Traim bows.

Traim walks south.

You say to Starlear, "It has been fine, hasn't it? I haven't seen a cloud in a few months."

Gromnir asks Ithna, "What would say comprises a typical day for one of your members, madame?"

Gromnir says, "What would you say, rather."

Arandrowse manages to gain control of his vocal cords.

Ithna says, "I would say it varies. For myself, I often join Aeloshiia in her meditations when I am not overseeing one who would pledge themselves to the House."

Arandrowse says, "A new day, and off I go."

Gromnir nods.

Ithna says, "I do not shadow the pledges, but I am observant of their actions."

Ithna takes a sip of her tea.

Arandrowse says to Ithna, "Thanks for your information, and sorry if I offended you."

Ithna gives Arandrowse a slight nod.

Gromnir asks, "Who is this Aeloshiia that you speak of?"

Ranger Arandrowse strides north.

Ithna says, "Oh, forgive me, I speak as if you knew."

Ithna smiles.

Ithna says, "Aeloshiia is the leader of the House of the Verdant Lily, a pacifist House."

Dannrik gently kisses Dianelle on the cheek.

Dannrik says, "I"ll see you later daughter."

Warrior Priest Dannrik goes north.

Dianelle nods.

Gromnir says, "I must -- I am sure there is a book on all of this which I have overlooked."

Ithna chortles softly at some secret joke.

Ithna says, "I am unsure if someone has written of our names in recent times."

Gromnir says, "I chanced upon the embassy in my evening constitutional and it is very beautiful. I meant of the houses themselves, and their histories."

Dianelle says, "I've lived here nearly all my life and this last few days I feel like a tourist. It's refreshing and scary both."

Ithna smiles at Casserah.

Ithna nods to Gromnir.

Ithna laughs at Dianelle.

You say to Gromnir, "I believe there is a book called Elothean Studies that outlines basic information on the Houses, if not the names of the recent leaders."

Dianelle grins impishly at Ithna.

Gromnir nods.

Ithna says, "It is good to educate yourself, Lieutenant."

Dianelle says, "It is and I'm highly enjoying it."

Dianelle says, "I thought I knew the Houses but I've learned somuch."

Ithna smiles.

Starlear says, "Indeed, I have learned a lot too."

Mistanna nods in agreement.

Casserah nods to Starlear.

Starlear says, "It's been a great experience."

Gromnir asks, "I imagine all of the various Houses have different practices in how one becomes a full-fledged member. What is it of the Rowan Branch?"

You nod in agreement.

Ithna says, "A day you have not learned something, is a day wasted. Even if you have only spent the day learning something about yourself."

Gromnir says, "You mentioned pledges before."

Ithna nods to Gromnir.

Casserah smiles at Ithna.

Dianelle says, "There is a vast difference between reading a book and meeting a house leader."

Ithna says, "Those that pledge themselves to Rowan House must complete a vow of silence for a year. If they break this vow, they may not attempt to rejoin for five years."

Gromnir nods.

Ithna says, "This may actually be one of the times I have spoke the most in one day."

Ithna chortles softly at some secret joke.

Ithna takes a sip of her tea.

Dianelle chuckles at Ithna.

You ask Ithna, "May I ask how you normally spend your days?"

Gromnir exclaims, "You must live a very contemplative life meditating on the higher mysteries!"

Gromnir glances at you.

Ithna chortles softly at some secret joke.

Ithna says, "I did answer this question, but I will indulge you once more."

Ithna smiles at you.

Astronomer Miskton just arrived.

Traim nods to Miskton.

Miskton nods politely to Traim.

Ithna says, "I often spend my days seeing to the pledges and ensuring they take their vows seriously. I join Aeloshiia in her mediations when I am able, or I seek solace on my own. While I would not call my position one of paperwork, there are many takes the triad must attend to together and I am often among them for the majority of my days."

Mistanna gives Miskton a courteous nod.

You nod to Ithna.

Ithna says, "Ah, The Court Seer. We are honored that you've joined us."

Gromnir smiles.

Ithna bows to Miskton.

You nod politely to Miskton.

Miskton says, "My pleasure."

Miskton bows to Ithna.

Miskton says, "The whole faire has been wonderful, and I've learned quite a bit from the House members."

Ithna smiles.

Ithna asks, "Had you the opportunity to speak with Silver Star?"

Miskton shakes his head.

Miskton says, "I'm afraid not."

Ithna says, "Ah."

Ithna says, "She was babbling on about some turban nonsense."

Ithna says, "And more on that star recently seen."

Ithna waves her hand distractedly.

Gromnir asks, "A star?"

Miskton says, "Ah, yes, that."

Miskton furrows his brow.

You glance at Miskton, a male Human.

Ithna nods to Gromnir.

You ask Miskton, "Something troubling?"

Traim asks Miskton, "The Wolf?"

Miskton shakes his head.

Miskton says, "The doomed star."

Casserah peers quizzically at Miskton.

Mistanna gazes up at the sky.

Ithna says to Gromnir, "I don't recall the specifics."

Starlear ponders.

Miskton says, "It's a star that has appeared on the edge of Dergati's Eye."

Gromnir says to Ithna, "Whatever it is, I am sure it was disturbing and a portent of some eldritch horror."

Traim grins.

Miskton says, "But I don't want to interrupt whatever conversation was already ongoing."

Gromnir says, "Drogor save us all."

Traim says, "Generally the case, isn't it."

Ithna nods to Gromnir.

Gromnir nods to Traim.

Ithna says, "Oh, please do interrupt. My voice needs the rest."

Ithna takes a sip of her tea.

Dianelle sighs.

Gromnir asks Miskton, "Was this discussed at your meeting recently?"

Miskton nods to Gromnir.

Dianelle says, "I should find father and see if he needs help."

Gromnir exclaims, "Did you also ask about my man bursting through ice with dragons!"

Gromnir gazes at Miskton.

Ithna blinks at Gromnir.

Traim says, "He's in the Temple of Darkness, Dianelle."

Traim says, "Aldauth's Alcove."

Miskton says, "I... made a note to myself about it, and then completely forgot. I'm sorry."

Dianelle says, "Thank you Traim. That narrows it down quite a bit."

Dianelle grins impishly at Traim.

Dianelle says, "Pardon me."

Traim grins.

(Gromnir explains to Ithna, "I had a god-given vision as I was having my holy bath of a ravenous man bursting through a sheet of ice, his face was covered by a dragon's wing.")

Ithna says, "That is quite interesting."

Ithna says to Gromnir, "I will share this with the triad, with your permission."

Gromnir says to Miskton, "It has been plaguing my thoughts, I admit. If you could see what others think -- my specialty is not examining auguries."

Gromnir says to Ithna, "But of course, madame, thank you. It was suitably unusual."

Ithna nods.

You ask Gromnir, "Did you tell him your theory?"

Miskton says, "But, for those who don't know, Dergati's Eye is a spot in the heavens where no light is seen, under normal circumstances. Every few decades, however, a star can be seen near the periphery for a few nights, dimly flickering."

Gromnir asks you, "What was my theory?"

Gromnir frowns at Miskton.

You say to Gromnir, "About who the man is."

You gaze thoughtfully at Miskton.

Gromnir says to you, "Remind me, Navesi. I have many things on my mind."

Miskton says, "The star has been seen again recently. But now, those of us with the gift of foresight have the strong impression that this is the last time it will be seen."

You whisper to Gromnir, "Teiro."

Miskton says, "As for any specific meaning that might have as an omen, I'm afraid I haven't had a chance to research that yet."

Gromnir says, "Hmm... that was something mentioned many years ago -- the return of Teiro. I do not know what significance a dragon's wing has, except I have heard of the meeting of Abzabraxas the Red with the Tower. I am a-mazed."

Gromnir nods to Miskton.

Gromnir asks Miskton, "What transpired when it was seen in times past?"

You say to Gromnir, "Ael'tharaxus."

(Gromnir waves his hand.)

Miskton says, "As far as I know without further digging into records, it was seen for a few nights, then faded back into the darkness."

You knit your eyebrows together in a thoughtful frown.

Miskton says, "There are theories that Dergati's Eye is actually consuming the star in some fashion. And if this really is the last time the star will show, it raises the question of what may happen when the eye has finished with this star."

Gromnir says, "Hm."

Gromnir asks Miskton, "It very well could be nothing, no?"

You ask Miskton, "Has this been considered in relation to the other... recent activities of said goddess?"

Traim asks, "Egg in the north?"

Miskton says to Gromnir, "Entirely possible, yes. That would certainly be nice."

Gromnir says, "Of course, that would be a slim chance. Indeed."

Traim grins wryly at you.

You nod to Traim.

Traim shudders.

You say, "Also the vision involving the three rainbows."

Gromnir exclaims, "God forfend any foul machinations coming to fruition!"

Veraise raises an eyebrow.

Miskton ponders.

Gromnir says to you, "Go on, then."

Ithna tilts her head up.

You get a small notebook bound in brown leather from inside your black coat.

Miskton says, "A possibility. I've no idea what might be happening with the chrysalis. The Baron has been keeping people out for some time now."

You open your small notebook.

Gromnir asks, "Chrysalis...?"

Gromnir exclaims, "What is hatching in Therengia!"

Miskton says to Gromnir, "Some time back there was a prayer vigil held at Dergati's shrine in Ker'Leor."

Gromnir peers quizzically at Miskton.

Gromnir nods.

Ithna says, "That he harbors what is so clearly a foul creation.."

Ithna shudders.

You say to Gromnir, "The vision, as recited to me, passed on from an unknown seer:."

Veraise nods at Ithna, obviously agreeing with her views.

You say, "As he gazed at the heavens, deep in contemplation, an unusual rainbow somehow bearing more colors than it should streaked from horizon to horizon. A second rainbow, this one of regular colors, slithered across the sky from another angle, far underneath the first. His mind's eye was suddenly blinded by a tearing sensation, and he never get to see the third rainbow that was beginning to coalesce."

Miskton says, "Those attending had a great deal of their spiritual strength sapped by the formation of a chrysalis at the shrine."

A pained expression crosses Casserah's face.

Miskton says, "It then continued to feed on any who got close to it."

Miskton says, "But as for what is inside..."

Miskton shrugs.

Ithna frowns.

Gromnir says, "Who organized the prayer vigil? Bring them up on charges of creating an abomination."

Gromnir says to you, "Interesting."

Veraise asks, "An unknown seer. This vision is not shared by other mages?"

Gromnir says to you, "I am afraid I haven't the foggiest idea."

Ithna takes a sip of her tea.

You say to Veraise, "It just means that I wasn't informed of who the seer was for my notes."

You say, "I suspect that Miskton here can confirm other seers have witnessed this vision."

Gromnir says to you, "When in doubt, fear extra-dimensional beings."

Miskton nods.

Traim nods at Gromnir, obviously agreeing with his views.

Veraise says to you, "Ah."

Veraise nods to Miskton.

Miskton says, "Others saw that vision, some time ago. Then it stopped appearing, with no clear resolution."

You say, "Anyway, in a few discussions it was suggested that the three rainbows might represent three goddesses."

Gromnir says, "As for this chrysalis -- how very disturbing! The Baron will become possessed, if he is not already."

Miskton says to Gromnir, "I believe his intent is to keep people away, so that they won't continue to feed it."

You say, "Only tangentially related here but yes, as there was no resolution, I thought I would mention it."

Gromnir says to Miskton, "Hmm. Has he set anyone to studying it? Have they attempted to destroy it? No good came of it."

Gromnir says, "No good can come of it, rather."

Miskton says, "That I don't know. But I feel attempting to destroy it would not go well."

Traim says, "Last I remember, troops guarded it."

Traim says, "Perhaps that has changed."

Miskton says, "Dergati has expressed her displeasure with people behaving poorly in her shrine, and I can only imagine she approves of the chrysalis."

Gromnir asks, "What else can man do but attempt to destroy it bolstered by God's numerous blessings?"

Gromnir asks Ithna, "Madame, have your people heard any news of this thing?"

Ithna says, "We have heard of it, yes. The triad holds a certain opinion on it that I may not speak of."

Ithna nods to Gromnir.

Gromnir nods.

Ithna glances up at the sky.

Ithna chortles softly at some secret joke.

Ithna says, "It seems I have managed to talk through most of the night to you all."

Gromnir smiles.

Ithna says, "And into the morning, my."

Miskton grins.

Gromnir exclaims, "It's very easy to do!"

Ithna nods.

Gridaksma just arrived.

Gridaksma nods politely.

Traim says, "Speaking of, it is time for me to travel. Good hunting all. Lady, thanks for visiting and answering questions."

Mistanna tenderly says to Ithna, "Thank you for visiting with us so."

You close your small notebook.

Traim says, "And for the Faire."

You put your notebook in your black coat.

Traim bows to Ithna.

Gromnir says, "Well, it is good a time as any, for my morning ablutions. Good morning to you all."

Ithna says, "I suppose I should return to my duties; however, I think I can say this of all the House leaders. We will likely come out more often. For some of us, this was the tender cracking of a long hardened egg shell."

Miskton says, "Wonderful to hear."

Miskton smiles.

Casserah says, "Thank you for your time."

Casserah smiles at Ithna.

Gridaksma nods politely to Ithna.

(Gromnir inclines his head to Ithna.)

Veraise gazes happily at Ithna.

Veraise says, "That is wonderful news."

Mistanna nods in agreement.

Gromnir says to you, "Until next time, Ms Navesi."

Ithna says, "Thank you all for your curiosity and interests. I hope you have found the faire education and entertaining."

You nod politely to Gromnir.

Ithna smiles.

Casserah smiles.

You say to Ithna, "I have."

Gromnir says, "The Dame. Leftenant. Seer, et cetera, et cetera."

Gromnir nods.

Friar Gromnir shuffles north.

Ithna bows gracefully from the waist.

Ithna says, "Good day to all of you."

Miskton nods politely to Ithna.

Sainyuso Neineloa Fyearik'a Ithna goes north.

Casserah says, "And to you as well."

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